One Spring-dingy, Two Springy-dingies


[ Forsythia –]

March 24 – How we do enjoy the signs of spring all around us as we travel to church or to the various stores in the area. A couple days ago, as Dale had his mind completely on the road, I excitedly remarked, “The first forsythia we have seen this year, and look at all of the blossoms!” Hopefully, this year will be one in which these beautiful yellow bushes will be all filled out, rather than just a few flowers here and there.

Since that first time, we have seen lots of others, from the tiny, newly-planted ones to long rows of big bushes in one of the yards along the highway. We couldn’t figure out why there was such a big gap between those bushes in one area. Looked as if a cow had managed to make her way out of the nearby fence and had decided to see what was on the other side of her world!

160229_Daffodil 2

[ A host of dancing daffodils ]

After checking out the big iris bed which is home to three crocus plants (and about five hyacinths, along with a good many daffodils), for signs of blossoms, we were finally treated to the small, but lovely purple blooms. When I checked out the date of the first crocus to bloom last year, I found that we were ahead of the game by about three weeks. No sign of the hyacinths yet, but with this warm weather we are enjoying, it won’t be long.

Of course, the daffodils of various designs and colors have added beauty to the landscape in all of the four sections near the creek and in the garden area. Those last ones are home to the lovely bright yellow blooms dedicated to our Biz who died almost five years ago. Sent to her by my brother Pete, our thoughts are dedicated to him as well as Biz, since he died back in early January. As those delicate, but strong flowers continue waving in the breeze each day, we are reminded of the generosity, talents, never-failing love, and caring they so well exemplified.

160324_FoggyDayThis morning was not a bright one at all! When I first got out of bed and opened the living room drapes to see what kind of morning we would have, it was a shock! Yesterday, it was foggy, but today it was FOGGIER! I couldn’t even see across the road to the fence. All of the everyday scenery was gone. Later one of the news people warned people driving along the main highways, that visibility was down to 15 feet! Not much chance to avoid hitting another car!

Although the grass was soaking wet, and little mountains of dirt pushed up by the moles were a mucky mess, I decided that if I wanted any photos, I would have to leave the porch and walk out towards the road. Sloppy mess everywhere, so I did a lot of tip-toeing. Sometimes I wonder if all of the picture-taking is worth the bother, but then I think that in future years, those pictures will prove the story I try to tell. “Okay? You think that never happened, well wait a bit, and I’ll show you!”


[ Dandelions and hens-bit ]

Tiny dandelions are beginning to show up along the front porch, telling me that I will have the same job I have there every year. Out comes the weeder to uproot the plants until the next batch arrives. How often I have thought of those cheery, striking, bright yellow blossoms, doing their best to bring cheer into our lives…and then we hack them out.

Now if we had planted those dandelions and the lovely purple hen’s bits because they just happened to be rare, we would guard them well. Why is it that we tend to lean towards something that is not well-known or so prevalent, just because it’s so common? I can’t remember the words of something I read so long ago, but the idea was that we should be grateful for all beauty on the earth, whether common or unusual. – CHRIS

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