Windy Harvesters


[ “Just for you two…”

March 15 – Since we have been working with the Harvesters for about two years now, we recognize many of the people who drive up to receive the foods. Can’t help but notice what I have mentioned before. Some of the folks are so pleased to ask if I have noticed how neat and clean their trucks and cars are, with plenty of room for the food. Of course, I notice, and it always makes me feel good to be able to give a big pat on the shoulder or shake hands while smiling at the folks, and letting them know it’s good to see them.

I won’t forget the lady who handed me a couple small candy bars, and asked me to share them with Dale! “Just for you two,” she said. Her smile meant so much, and as she shared the little that she had. It did my heart good to know that I could help her in a small way.

When we went to help out with the distribution recently, we were glad to have our special shirts and heavy jacket with a hood. When the thermometer registers about 20 degrees, I would rather be in the warm living room reading or working puzzles of some kind, but since we had promised to be there on the church grounds when the big truck pull in, we tried to pretend we weren’t cold.

160315_SunsetTaking our usual place on the windy side of the truck, we passed out apples, potatoes, carrots, and bottled water. However, my feet didn’t really thaw out till well after we had arrived at home about four hours later!

That evening we spent some time watching the beautiful orange/red sunset, with the bright golden clouds hovering around. Out by the bird feeder our resident possum was scrounging around in the grain and seeds left by the birds and squirrels before they departed for the night. Being a night creature, possums don’t mind the dark! – CHRIS

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