David and the Washing Machine


[ Our washer looked somewhat like this one ]

March 5 – Once many years ago when I was doing the weekly washing I had to run off to answer the telephone. In the utility room our small son David listened to the chug-chug of the washing machine for a time. Then his inquisitive nature got him into trouble. Wondering what the drain hose was for, he lifted it carefully down from the hook on the side of the washing machine. Instantly floods of soapy water rushed out of the hose, soaking him and rapidly turning the floor into a small pond! His screams brought me quickly to his side.

After the mess had been cleaned up and it had been pointed out patiently but firmly that David should leave things alone that didn’t belong to him, he sat on my lap. “Did you love me when I took the hose out?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” I answered, kissing his small nose. “Do you love the bad things I do ?”

Again he knew what my answer would be, for we had talked about this many times in the past. “No, honey, I don’t. Remember that’s what mamma always tells you. I will always love you, but I never love the bad things you do. That’s just like Jesus – He will never stop loving us, but He doesn’t like the bad things we do.”

Satisfied at being reassured, he hopped down from my lap. “I’m sorry I pulled the hose out,” he said. “I love you, Mamma, and I don’t like to do bad things.” – CHRIS

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