Yep, More Birds


[ Turkey at the feeder ]

March 4 – Last spring we had a small flock of turkeys come slowly up the hill from the pasture, getting a little closer to the bird feeder every day. One day as I glanced out the window, I saw one of the hens gobbling up sunflower seed! That’s the time that I followed slowly, camera in hand, ready to take pictures to remind us of those unusual moments when turkeys came to the feeder!

We enjoy watching the gold finches all through the year, maybe a little more in the summer when they live up to their name of gold! In the fall and winter, their color fades, and they don’t look so chipper and bright. The tufted titmouse comes to find some food, and then dashes off into the tree to relish its food before coming back to get more.


[ Hawk outside the window ]

Of course, we always see the geese flying to and from the big pond across the way. I can’t figure out why they don’t stop and check out our pond, but in the long run I think it’s better they don’t. I’ve noticed the grass is full of muck where the geese walk around the water, and I am thankful to be without that! Numerous hawks are always flying over the fields, often ending up at the top of a big tree, just waiting to find something they would like to add to their diet. Sometimes, if we aren’t too busy to watch, we can see that hawk waiting patiently, till suddenly he is out of the tree and falling rapidly to the ground. Maybe he will fly away with his food clutched tightly in his talons, or he may have to go back to the tree to wait for another chance.


[ Cat in the feeder ]

Know what’s the most interesting visitor to the bird feeder box? Our own Cat! Not that she eats seeds or millet or something any bird would enjoy! No, she doesn’t even try to catch birds (or mice), because she is well taken care of, with food in her dish at any time she chooses to eat. The birds don’t visit the box when she is there, but they do have a meal on the ground beside it. – CHRIS

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