Spring Flowers – Early!

February 28 – It’s been more than two weeks since I wrote a blog from scratch – our computer was not behaving at all and our son David came up with a new one for us. I think it will take me about a year to get used to writing with this one because there have been so many changes. David, as usual, has been very good at teaching us about the many items that are not familiar to us. He is still the same patient son/teacher he has always been. I think, though, that even he wonders sometimes what goes on in his mom’s head when he is trying to get his points across! Oh, well, at my age, I guess I won’t have to go through all of this again. This computer, without a doubt, will be the last one I shall try to conquer.


[ Not green yet… but getting there! ]

On a happier note, the February weather has been delightful, and we are enjoying our daily walk when the temperatures are quite a few degrees higher than expected. When we see fifties on the thermometer, that’s great, but when we even move in to the low seventies and break a number of records, it’s good to be outside. We enjoy the sunshine and breezes, even the high winds that try to blow us back to where we started on the pasture trails! Can hardly believe that in two days March arrives. Then comes April, and on to planting time in the garden.

Dale has been paging through catalogs for a long time now and will be planting seeds in containers in the basement today! These seeds were ordered over a month ago. Strange how once he ordered from the seed companies, he has received “wonderfully good” e-mails offering even better deals than those published in their catalogs. Finally, when Dale just continued to dump those offers in the trash, I decided to send a note to the company telling them we didn’t need any more of their “good offers.” Mission accomplished. No more offers!

160228_Tree Buds

[ Red buds in the maple trees ]

High up in the maple trees are brilliant small red buds, getting ready to show off their new leaves. Some of the trees have buds that shine brilliantly in the sun. We are glad that we are not allergic to the pollen that comes from them!

So, I guess the phrase “spring has sprung” is more than true this year, giving us a great surprise each morning as we check the thermometer and rejoice that we are not receiving the great amounts of snow that certain areas of the country have been gifted. How well I remember the days when I welcomed big mountains of snow left by the snow plow along our rural roads back in Pennsylvania. Those icy sledding hills beside our house, and days off from school are happy memories, but now I am glad that they are not reality here in Missouri.


[ A cheerful February dandelion ]

No longer do I hope to wake up to cold weather and a lot of snow. This year we have broken records with higher than normal temperatures. One of the records dated back to 1932! That’s almost as old as I am! And the snow? Total for the year? Just under FIVE inches! And there is even the occasional bright golden dandelion to add to the pleasure of knowing that winter will soon be a thing of the past. More about spring tomorrow… – CHRIS


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1 Response to Spring Flowers – Early!

  1. Nate Christoph says:

    The temperature reached just shy of 60 degrees here in Boston today. I’m happy to read that you’ve been blessed with similar weather. This post was a pleasure to read, thanks Aunt Sis! Too funny about the “wonderfully good” offers!


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