Ingrown Toenails

February 25 – Just about a year ago, Dale had surgery on an ingrown toenail on his foot. Since the operation has been a success, I thought I’d give you an interesting story on what happened afterwards. So assume the surgery has just been completed, and…

After the surgery was done, the doctor wound lots of ecru-colored tape around the toes, making them look like morel mushrooms! He then gave the instructions as to what Dale should do in the next month, including soaking the toes in Epsom salts in warm water twice daily! “For a whole month!” Dale told me after the doctor had left the room. “That’s a long time!” Since there was no pain, thanks to the anesthetic, we were able to do the last of our shopping before heading to Price Chopper to buy some Epsom salts. He had a bit of that out in the barn at home, as he had been using it for plant fertilizer! I thought it might be a good idea to buy a new batch that was clean and unused!


[ Cat wants to take a look ]

At home, Dale took off his shoes so his toes wouldn’t be cramped, then walked out into the hall just as I was going into the room he had left. Uh, oh! He wouldn’t have a chance of getting lost because a trail of blood led right from the chair on which he was sitting to the spot where he had stopped! Poor Dale. He apologized profusely for the mess, but all I wanted him to do was sit down while I went out to get a couple plastic grocery bags for him to slip over his feet.

While he was doing that, I got down on the floor on my hands and knees and wiped up the blood. Unfortunately, those toes were really bleeding and left more stains on the carpet. Three bags later, with a rubber band around his ankles to keep them up, the problem was finally solved. So many times he said he was sorry about the blood stains, but I was more than glad that he could sit down and keep the bags on the floor. By the evening time, he had to change the bags because there was so much blood in them.


[ Clean-up time ]

Fortunately, he was in no pain after the medication wore off, and by the next day could get around more easily, with the blood trapped in the bags! All went well till bath time when he had to take off the bandages. On the way into the bathroom, he banged his toe on the door, and started the problem all over again. No wonder I had to put the bedroom rug and three from the bath room in the washer and dryer. Much easier that way than trying to rub those blood stains out with rags!

So after resting and sitting most of the day, all was well the day following. Two Epsom salt soaks, NO plastic bags, just two pairs of socks, and he was doing well. He was in pain just about six weeks before the surgery, so I am more than glad that he finally decided to get off to see the doctor. After a final check-up a week later, all was taken care of for good, thanks to the promise that Dale’s toes will never be covered again by infected toe nails! – CHRIS

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