A New Computer

“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.” – Ken Olson, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (in 1970)


[ Dave setting up the computer ]

February 21 – Our son Dave came out Thursday evening and installed a new computer and related equipment. You can see that we are using it already. Such a beautiful new computer and screen and keyboard. I’ve had to ask Chris a number of questions about what to do as I go along, but am making it.

We have a lot of messages from friends, saying that they had received our change to Gmail and are taking note of the fact. It took him long enough that he didn’t get to eat any of the cornbread that Chris made, but did take some home for a late supper. He also brought our granddaughter Rindy along, and she was a big help putting in puzzle pieces for the puzzle I’m working on.

Chris and I were went on a walk Friday afternoon around the property and it was so warm and pleasant, with little wind. We were surprised to see a number of daffodils coming up already, as well as a lot of tiny blue flowers growing close to the ground. Anybody else have daffodils coming up yet?


[ Possum face ]

On our walk I saw a grey animal scramble up into an old hollow tree and found it was our possum out strolling. Later that night I saw it in our garage as we were shutting down for bedtime. It was sitting in front of the closed door, so I opened the door but that scared it and it ran off behind the truck, while the cat came scrambling in. It had been accidentally locked out, and the possum was locked in. I suppose they were both pleased with the outcome.

Have been dealing with a cold, but it seems to be improving a bit and my voice sounds better. It was an odd kind of cold and not too uncomfortable except for the loss of my voice. – DALE

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