Remember Summer?

February 15 – As someone who does not enjoy the winter season, I am always glad for things that remind me of summer. And that would include the following blog entry that I forgot to post over a year ago. So enjoy these reminders of warmer times to come – I know I will!


[ Tomatoes, anyone? ]

It was a hot one today but we have made it through, without air conditioning, and tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. We spent the first half in Pleasant Hill and the second half mowing our lawn. The first half was better. We haven’t had supper yet and it is now 7:30 pm. Chris is at the first meeting of the nominating committee and we may just eat after she gets home.

Since there will probably be showers tomorrow, Chris will be doing the washing on Sunday this time. More time to clean the house, I guess. The tomatoes seem to be slowing down a bit now and there aren’t a lot of ripe ones today and we may not pick them until Sunday. I think Chris has about done all the tomato juice canning she wants to do this year, so we need to find folks who need some extra tomatoes. We took a tray of them to the thrift store today, for customers to help themselves to, but we still have a lot in the basement.


[ Wolf spider ]

We still have a little mowing to do tomorrow and maybe some raking, as in places the cut grass is very thickly piled and looks bad. The long grass is sure full of grasshoppers and they were leaping every which way to try and escape the mower. I’m sure it got a lot of them anyway and the birds should have good feeding if they will just look where we mowed.

Earlier in the year it was crickets doing that. Lots of spiders around and their webs are everywhere. Sheila from Price Chopper says she hates spiders so trying to decide when to include a good picture in one of the blogs.

Ah, I feel better already! – DALE

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