Who I Love Most


February 14 – Do you know who I love the most of all, Mommy ?” I had just tucked our chubby four year-old Betty Jean into bed for her afternoon nap. Expectantly she looked up at me.

“Is it Daddy ?” I asked. “No.”

“Is it Grandma ?” “No.”

“Is it Mommy ?” “No.”

And she chuckled. “You know who it is. It’s the same all the time. It’s Jesus and His angels.”

“I’m glad you love them the most, Betty Jean. I hope you, will always love Jesus and God and do your best as you grow older to serve them,” I answered.

From the top bunk our six-year-old David added, “I think we’re lucky to have a nice God in heaven who takes care of us every day and sends His angels to watch over us while we sleep. I sure do love Him.”

Softly I closed the door and left the children to go to sleep, happy in the thought that somehow we had helped to make God and His Son, Jesus, real to our tiny tots.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone… – CHRIS

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