Can I go outside?

February 11 – (continued from yesterday) Planet mission accomplished outside, I turned around and walked back home. Ducking under the partially-open garage door, it didn’t take long for me to toss off my hat and mittens onto a shelf, and go inside to the welcome and much appreciated warmth! Of course, Cat came to meet me and begged to go outside once more. Sometimes it’s hard for her to make up her mind, whether to be away from us or from her searching around to see what she can find.

Even if I didn’t see all five planets this morning, I did see something very beautiful, the sunrise with its brilliant orange, red, and purple blended together. As the sun moved over the trees on the horizon, the colors became brighter, almost dazzling. Several pics later, I turned my back to the sun so that I could see how they turned out. Guess what? I hadn’t noticed before because I was looking at the sunrise, but now I could see its reflection in the big front window of the house!


Early family astronomy guide

One final comment about my morning with the planets. Why did I go out in the cold and dark morning? First of all, because I knew David would expect me to do that, as I have always been interested in finding out new things. So has he. Secondly, he said that after he had checked out the five-planet scene, he could check it off his “bucket list.” Well, I don’t have a “bucket list,” but I still want to see and hear and learn as much as I can, while I still can! Now the student is teaching the instructor!

Through many of his growing up years, I was the instructor in youth groups to which he belonged. I would often take the kids outside to view the beauties of the skies, and show them where the various planets and constellations were, using little phrases like, “Arc to Arcturus,” or “Spike to Spica.” We memorized parts of Psalm 19 such as ”The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Now when David does his walk at night, he remembers some of those teaching aids that he learned way back, but has added so much more. So things have turned around a lot in the years as time has gone by so quickly. Both of us, along with Dale and David’s family, will continue to find that learning can be and truly is fun for all involved!

Later that morning about nine o’clock, Cat decided it was time to go out again! As I was writing at the computer, she came and stood in front of me, eyes turned right at me, and a sorrowful, “Mew.” At first I told her I wanted to finish my writing, but after the fourth plaintive, “Mew,” I knew I would have to let her out “RIGHT NOW!” I think she just wanted to see what we had found last night. And what was that? Well, just as I had opened the door to the garage, I heard some kind of popping sound, twice. Wondering if Possum had come in while the door was up for the cat, I checked in the boxes under Dale’s work bench, but found nothing as I pulled out the plastic bags and newspapers that work as the possum’s nest where he can find warmth and shelter.

120211_PossumBack in the house I asked Dale if he thought Possum might be back since the cat had to have an open door. Checking the area, beginning first at the nest, he found nothing that had made the noise I had heard. Moving on to other areas, Dale finally called out, “Well, I don’t have the possum, but I have its tail, and it’s pretty fat! I’m just going to hold onto the tail till he gets tired and lets himself be dragged out the door!” “Want me to get the camera and get another picture?” I asked. “No, you have enough now,” he said. “I’m just going to let it loose. Take a look at it first. I think it’s much bigger and fatter than the one who moved in earlier!” Just what we need. ANOTHER possum living in the garage and cleaning up the bird feeder leftover food!

“Maybe we should have had a picture,” I said, “if it isn’t the one who has lived here so long.” So, guess what? This morning Dale came in with news (good? bad?), telling me that the big possum was out in the regular “nesting” box. When I said that I thought I should take a picture, he answered, “No wait till this afternoon.” I thought that he figured there would be more sunshine by then, so the picture would be better. Little did I know! He had no idea of anything to do with sunshine. Instead, he said, “Well, Possum can lie in his box and rest up. He’s tired from being up most of the night and needs some good sleep!” No wonder every animal in the world loves Dale! Well, maybe not every one, but any of those who have had contact with him! – CHRIS

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