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February 8 – Hope the heater is on for all today, as it sure is colder than yesterday. We had been walking our usual while enjoying the 60 degrees temps, but not today! We had noticed that some very black clouds just marching across the sky in almost total blackness was coming up. Ahead of that were some beautiful blue/light gray clouds. The black moved on to overtake the blue, and all looked stormy.

160208_StampFound something interesting earlier while zipping through some stamp catalogs that we plan on returning tomorrow – proprietrary stamps from 1898 for the Fairchild Chemical Laboratory Company in St. Louis 1898. I checked out the catalog again this morning and was interested to see the Fairchild name in the Iowa State College and then in Amherst. Strange. My problem with checking such things out is that I could do that for the rest of the day and not get tired of it! Good thing I don’t choose to do that as often as I would like!

Dale has finished up a 24 cent horse stamps puzzle (one piece missing and for real this time, but this was not a brand new puzzle!) After I get down with umpteen things, I will join him in time to put in the last pieces.


[ Constant Companion ]

Our town day was a little different last Thursday, as we went to Holden to visit with our friend Dana, the editor of the Holden Image. She wanted us to see the new house and to enjoy talking as she hasn’t seen us in so long. Her mom, who works at the library, also wanted to talk with us again, too, and since she wasn’t working, all went well.

I meant to mention that I was glad to have something to help me pass the time when I was sorting candles and bulletin inserts the other day. I do NOT like to be tied down to one task with nothing else to do, use one of those “old-fashioned” cassette players. I have been playing tapes forever, it seems, but I hope my tape plaers (still have four, some of which I bought in thrift stores) will keep on going for awhile yet! – CHRIS

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