Petting the Possum

160204_Possum3February 4 – Chris has finished her typing so I am at the keyboard. With all our calendar pages turned, I guess it is officially February? Just two more months of winter. The weather people weren’t quite sure of what snowfall we were going get to, but their opinion is that most of the deep snow would fall north of Kansas City. That prediction suited me just fine, especially since they were right!

Our possum seems to like mild weather, as it was out and about this last weekend, at around 3 p.m. on both days. Chris and I were just coming back from our walk around the property on Friday afternoon, when I spied the possum in our south yard, crouched under a small tree. Chris had her camera, so began taking pictures as we approached very slowly. We kept expecting it to run away but it didn’t move and eventually we were right in its face. I bent down and petted it for a bit, and then decided to pick it up. It didn’t protest, so I carried it around for a while.

160204_Possum2We left it out by the compost heap, hoping it might find some garbage to eat, but there was nothing. The day before there were lots of apple peelings and cores, but today they were all gone. Possum just stayed there, unmoving, so I went to the house and got some bread and came back, only to find that possum was now gone and was up in the tree nearby, perched on a bare limb about 15 feet up in the tree.

The next day, at about the same time, possum was out by the bird feeder but found no food and went away. I took out a slice of bread and followed it over to a small tree up which it climbed and stopped at about eye level. I handed it the bread, which it bit and dropped, growled, and then went off across the yard to our garden area and disappeared. It is not yet a pet. So I guess we shall have to be content with our cat. – DALE

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