Still Walking…


[ Wild rose bushes ]

January 28 – Continuing with our trail walk from yesterday… Farther along the trail I could see a big pile of broken limbs, hundreds of stalks of tall weeds (all dried out since summer), and heaps of gravel that had been washed off the dirt road to one side. After I slid down the bank, hoping all the way that I wouldn’t slip and fall, I took a couple of pictures. Looking back at the way I had come, I thought I should go up another way where I could get more help from the smaller trees.

Too bad! Right in front of me was one of the biggest wild rose bushes I have seen around here, and I know from many sad experiences that those thorns can really let their presence be known! As usual this time of year the bush was a dark greenish, some of the thorns were purple red, while the dead ones were dark brown and sported the worst of the thorns. Carefully I walked around the bush and into a more peaceful environment!

Several of the trail paths showed that they had been taken over by moles, leaving long sections of the ground all dug up with big humps here and there, and lots of tunnel openings. I was really tempted to stamp the humps down and push the dirt back in the holes, but I didn’t want to get any muddier than necessary. Both Dale and I are hoping that this mole problem won’t be with us as much next year. It was worse this year than any other of the 17 we have spent here.


[ Footprints in the ice? ]

When we got back to the garage, I told Dale I planned on getting my camera and going back to the pond to take a picture of those strange footprints. “Surely not!” he said. “It’s not worth it.” He had stopped along the way with his face turned upward, and asked, “Is it snowing again? I can feel some moisture!” And I had planned on going back, just for a couple pictures! He was probably right, but I needed to be outdoors for awhile longer.

So, off to the pond I went, not exactly enjoying the wind that had come up from the west, but ready to take a few shots. I probably stayed there longer than I had originally planned because the footprints and designs were so unusual. By the time I had finished, my hands were icy, as I need bare hands to take pictures.


[ Dead limbs clogging the creek ]

Back at the iris bed, I got the bright idea of leaving my camera bag there, stuffing my mittens in my pockets, and moving on down the path to stop at some of the places I have already mentioned: the icy creeks, fallen limbs blocking the flow of water, the dilapidated bird box, and the big old rose bush. You don’t even have to guess which of those gave me the most trouble! Just a hint – if you have ever had a thorn like theirs jab into your finger or wrist or whatever it chooses, you will know that those parts of the country flora are not to be bothered. They know how to repay one who trespasses on their territory!

Good news from the weatherman on the news program! We are to enjoy warmer weather that will bring us to about sixty-five degrees by the end of this week with no snow to keep us from walking. Sure do hope he is correct. Now with his predictions for next week calling for several inches of snow and cold temperatures? I would not mind at all if he were completely wrong! – CHRIS

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