I’m Puzzled…


[ Ice on the stream – it’s chilly! ]

January 26 – Last night as we were playing a couple of games of Rummikub before going to bed, the phone rang. Our son David was just starting out for an evening walk. He was pretty chilly, for there was a north wind blowing in his face, but by the time he was back home after walking three miles, he was much warmer and the cold wind was at his back. While he walked we had a good conversation about computers and whether we should consider going to Gmail or not. He told us about various advantages to going this way and I think we are about persuaded to do it.

Bryan, our son-in-law’s nephew, had been over to return a borrowed key a day or so ago, and was planning to bring over his grandmother’s computer that she will be exchanging for a newer model. It is both newer and faster than ours, and he wanted to see if we would be interested in having him install it for us to try out. He was in favor of going to Gmail and would install that too. We will be waiting to try things out and, if all goes well, those of you on our email list should expect a message that we are now Gmail users.


[ Puzzle in progress ]

Have returned to the jigsaw puzzle that I’ve been working on for a number of days. This is one that David gave us last year but only recently have we been working at it. Chris has been helping too, but does not enjoy puzzles as much as I do, so comes and goes as she feels like it. The puzzle is a picture of two robins perched in a blooming apple tree, with a farm in the background and a stream below. I am now at the hardest part (green leaves and grass), where all the puzzle pieces are about the same color.

Chris looked out the window this morning and saw a myriad of birds on the lawn, looking for food until I went out with a dish of much more delectable bits, sunflower and white millet seed. There was also a squirrel out there, of course. As soon as I had spread the seed around, the birds came swarming in from all over, as they had obviously been waiting for the feast. Squirrel came too, and was soon eating more than its share.


[ Anyone for chestnuts? ]

For breakfast today we had some of our chestnuts from last fall’s harvest, taken out of the freezer where we keep them until we feel like having some. Cooked them in a bowl of water in the microwave for seven minutes, and then peeled them. We were disappointed to find them hard and inedible and only got to eat a couple. Now to find out why they were so hard, for last fall they were soft and good? There are a lot in the freezer and it would be such a shame to have to throw them out after all the work of gathering them.


[ Moles messing up the yard ]

We took brief walks around our property the last couple of days when it was not too cold, and will do more of them when things warm up, as they are expected to do very soon.

It is annoying to have to be careful of all the mole hills and raised tunnel mounds as we walk, for they seem to be everywhere and they make our shoes muddy if we step on them. Come spring, the mower is going to protest as it runs over them! A friend gave us some poison pellets to drop into their burrows, and I am going to do that and hope they have some beneficial results. A few moles are okay, but a multitude of them is not. – DALE

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