Prayers and Kisses


[ Grandpa Christoph ]

January 25 – My father entered the hospital once while our son was a young boy. The next morning as David and I prayed together I explained that Grandpa was sick, and we should ask Jesus to bless him. “Bless ‘pa,” David said. The next morning I forgot to mention Grandpa, and after I had said “Amen” with David repeating after me, I started to arise. Half-surprised, David looked at me, then folded his hands again, bowed his head and said, “Bless ‘pa.” Very early the next morning I could hear him in his crib saying, “Bless ‘pa. Bless ‘pa.

Wherever we happened to be, when it was time for meals he bowed his head, folded his hands, and began to ask the blessing on the food. For some time he liked eggs so well that when one of us would say “Amen” at the end of the blessing, he would say “Eggie” instead. But he was learning, and finally learned that we say thank-you for the egg first and say “Amen” afterward!

We tried to teach him that he must be as quiet as possible wherever he is, although we remembered that children are full of energy and boundless enthusiasm. He would cry sometimes when he saw other boys and girls being punished, but when he himself tumbled off chairs, fell on the floor, or bumped his head on the table, he hardly whimpered.

We found that it didn’t pay to make much over his bumps and bruises, though! One night after he tripped and fell on the floor, banging his cheek, I called to him, “Come to mamma, David, and I will kiss the hurt place.” I gave him a resounding kiss on the cheek. A second later he ran to the same place and fell on the floor purposely on the same cheek. Then he ran to me saying, “Kiss, kiss.” Back again he sped, fell on the floor again and wanted another kiss from me and then another from daddy out on the porch. Hmm, this game went on for some time.

David very early took an interest in books and would have liked it if we had read to him during his every waking moment. It was surprising how much knowledge a two-year-old could store up in a short time! – CHRIS

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