Daily Chores

160124_BeansJanuary 24 – Just got the fourth load of clothes out of the dryer. While they were drying I did some usual morning tasks; cleaned the fridge, dumped half full egg salad, soup cheese, etc. and put the stuff in smaller containers, did up a ton of dishes, some from meals and others from emptying partly filled jars, made mushroom gravy for Dale, and peeled and cooked a bunch of potatoes. While down in the basement with the clothes, I sorted out about 30 empty jars and put them in a big box. Also pulled together a bunch of plastic freezer containers and zipped them up into a place where they belong. I think I could spend an entire day sorting and putting stuff away down there, but not right now.

I completed a blog entry on my brother Pete this weekend, so you’ll be seeing that over the next couple of days. This blog-to-be will help you to know my youngest brother Pete, who passed away on January 7. He was my last surviving brother, which leaves me as the only one of the original Christoph kids still living. That’s hard to take, especially when two brothers and one sister-in-law died in just a little over a month. It does make it hard to move on to other thoughts and ideas. In previous blogs, I wrote about the loss of Rich on December 4, then Esther on January 6.  – CHRIS

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