A Bit of This, a Touch of That


[ Crumpled notes ]

January 7 – Today I’m going to put together some miscellaneous items that are really too short for a full blog post, so I’ll combine them, and let you make your own connection. Sometimes I can come up with complete stories, but often it’s just a fleeting moment or thought that I don’t want to forget! Then I jot down a sentence or two to remind me, because, otherwise, those thoughts would just be buried among others, and all would be forgotten. This time, when I finished writing up enough for more than one blog, I joyfully took my notes, rumpled them all up and tossed them into the wastebasket!

It’s strange how many of those experiences come up when something in the present reminds me of older days. Well, the days aren’t older, of course, but I am… And it’s a good thing that one never has to stop learning. Nobody should say, “Oh, not me! I’m too old for that.” But that for the most part really isn’t true. If we give our brains a workout every day, that brain won’t be content to use the excuse that it is too old!


[ Mmmm, ice cream! ]

When we drive into the town about 20 miles from us to have our glasses checked or to meet a doctor’s appointment, we usually go to one of the food stores to buy special items. Some time back as we were picking up various foods on our list, we couldn’t find the dairy area so we could buy a couple gallon-buckets of ice cream. Since Dale would just as soon eat vanilla or chocolate, we stick with those flavors.

As we had walked from one end of the store to the other and couldn’t find the ice cream, we needed help. Just ahead of us was an elderly lady with a shopping cart full. As we walked towards her, she smiled and asked, “Well, how are you today?” I returned her smile, told her I was doing well, and then noticed that she had a gallon bucket of ice cream in the cart! With another smile I said, “Could you please tell me where the ice cream is?” “Well, yes, I can,” she answered pleasantly. “Just follow me.”

We were off, almost running to keep up with her! She continued to walk briskly, moving really fast as she led us past the vegetables, the cereal, the juices, the paper products, and several others before she stopped and motioned for us to follow her. Of course, we walked past a number of brands of ice cream before ending up almost at a the end of that long aisle. “Right here it is,” she pointed out. “Just what you wanted!” After thanking her, I said, “I noticed you left your groceries in the cart when you led us here. Aren’t you worried that somebody might have taken them by now?” Her answer? “No, I’m not worried at all. If somebody took those groceries, I wouldn’t have to pay for them, would I?” We need more folks around us like that lovely old (er) lady!

Speaking of cold ice cream, the recent snow and cold weather have had an odd effect on me. For once, I put off doing the weekly laundry, hoping that the snow would melt and that the sun would dry the clothes. No such luck! I must admit that it really is easier to use the dryer, but when the wind or quiet breeze dries the clothes on the clothesline, it’s a lot more satisfying, and makes me think that I really did accomplish something! Oh, well, the snow and cold gave me more time to write this blog!


[ Driveway lake before and after snow ]

Finally, I have mentioned the “lake” in our driveway in several previous posts. Because of so much rain, even the man who brought a truckload of gravel to cover the driveway was afraid to drive through that area because he was afraid he would sink down into the lake and get stuck. Instead he dumped a pile of gravel for us to shovel into the area. That will give us something to do this spring, right? We can’t very well do it now; the snow covered it up and froze it! – CHRIS

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