It’s a Miracle!


[ Typing is one thing – computers are another…]

January 5 – As I have said repeatedly, I am NOT in any way a lover of computers and the programs involved. I often can’t understand what the computer is telling me to do, and I don’t know why certain directions continue to “come up” even when I didn’t ask them to! Sometimes I have to ask son David to help me out so I can continue on with the program. No matter how many times I phone or e-mail him, he puts aside what he is doing and says, “OK, Mom, what do you need?”

I guess I could ask for a new brain, but the one I have has served me very well through the years, so I just explain the problem to him—often that’s the same one he solved for me a month or two ago. I can’t remember even one time that he has not been able to help except when he worked on the printer, which, of course, was on its last legs.

We had told him that when we tried to print anything at all, the paper would come out with smudges all across the top and with zigzag folds down the middle. Can you imagine trying to print the weekly church bulletin when maybe one out of five looked good enough to pass out to the church folks? So one evening after he had brought us home from the church cantata, he pulled out the printer and tried to take off some of the backing or whatever that’s called, so he could see the inner workings of that machine. No luck, so he said that we really did need a new printer. Finally we were going to get one and leave that other messy one behind!
160105_LaserJetBefore he left for home, David told us he would be ordering a printer like the one he uses and would give it to us as an early Christmas present! In the meantime, I continued trying to print some good copies. Not much luck, so I finally hit on the idea of taking the printed bulletins and cutting off the smudges at the top of the page. If the zigzag creases weren’t too bad, I just counted them as good enough. After I had explained everything in church the next day, not one of the folks complained—at least not to me!

A few days later, the Fed Ex man arrived and handed us a new printer. We could hardly wait to take it out of the box and connect it. But when Dale had connected all the cords or whatever else he did, no matter how hard he tried it still wouldn’t work. After worrying about the problem most of the day, we called our grandson Robbie who sat down at the computer, pushed a couple buttons, and the printer responded! Oh, to be one of today’s kids who just take all of this for granted.

Later that week we went off to Cartridge World to return the cartridge for the printer we had tossed out, and to purchase the new one. We received another cartridge from David in the mail the next day. No problems at all now as far as printing is concerned, but I still do not have much faith in my abilities as far as computers go. I keep trying to check with the notes that David has sent me when I have a problem. Who knows? If I live long enough, I may not need any further help. (I’m chuckling, are you?) – CHRIS

PS – if you were wondering about the title of this blog post…

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