After the Snow


[ Bamboos with a dusting of snow ]

January 4 – Last week while I was out checking on the bird prints in the snow, I found that I wouldn’t sink in the snow even when I wasn’t on the cement. So, I continued walking around the area, snapping shots of the pines with their branches bending low because of the weight of the snow. The smaller bamboos were bent way down to the ground because they couldn’t fight against the snow that covered them. When I was ready to turn back to the house, I could easily see where I had walked. Long lines of footprints that led around the chestnut and pine trees took me back to the bird feeder area, but the birds still didn’t trust me and took shelter until I had moved on into the garage.


[ First snow of winter ]

It’s hard to believe that our very first snow didn’t come down until December 28, exactly a week ago. Now I don’t expect to find the great amount of white covering to come as soon (or in such heavy snow showers) as we were used to back in Pennsylvania where we might see snow even in late October. Even so, people in this area were pleasantly surprised by it’s late arrival – well, most of us, but not the owners of the ski resorts or the little kids who are on school vacation and want to go sledding!

And how are our friends back in Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts handling the usual problems brought on by several feet or more of snow? Last we heard there wasn’t even one bit on the ground, and with the very unseasonable high temperatures in the area, the people were swimming and walking around in shorts!

During my walk, I found that the piles of rose bushes, clematis, and zebra grass were covered with snow, so we may have to just let them be until next spring when they can be burned. With nothing growing up along the many fence rows we have on our property, things look pretty bare and surely will look better when spring and summer come once again to put new life into the pruned vines.


[ If winter comes, can spring be far behind? ]

Just a bit ago Dale gave me new hope to help me get through the winter. So what was he was doing while I’ve been writing? Sitting in the big easy chair in the living room, with the sun shining on his seed catalogs, carefully checking out prices and varieties of seeds.

He has already made out one order, and was in the driveway on the way to the mail box, just ready to put the envelope in the box, when the mail carrier stopped to leave some mail for us, and then went merrily down the road, not even catching a glimpse of Dale! He will be planting the seeds under the grow light in the basement when March comes roaring in like the lion. Surely he won’t have the same bad luck that came last year! Last spring our tomato plants had grown sturdy and strong by April, but the ground was so wet, after we had had so many days of heavy rains, that he couldn’t set them out in the garden till almost June! – CHRIS

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