White Elephants


[ Anything here we can give away? ]

January 1 – Have you ever taken part in a white elephant exchange? Dale and I did after the Christmas dinner at our friends’ home across the way. After filling our plates and stomachs, it was good to just sit and watch the action. With more than twenty guests gathered around, it turned into a program of fun and jokes and grins and smiles and teasing!

Each participant picked a number from the big bowl to get started. When Bob, who had been lucky enough to pick number one, chose his wrapped gift (one of the larger ones with a strange shape), he ripped off the paper only to find a laundry bag! Obviously, not something anyone would choose to keep. Since Bob has an outlandish sense of humor, he just grinned and grinned and made fun of himself. “Anybody want this?” he asked. “You can have it—for nothing!” Nobody took him up on that offer.


[ Signet bookmarks ]

All sorts of items were chosen by the participants. Some good, some not. One of the better ones was a rechargeable screwdriver; it was traded three times, with the last taker finally being allowed to keep it. All items were fair game until that third time had come up. There were some cosmetic items, a big jar of orange cheese balls, cross-stitched items, and a huge blue glass vase that one of the young ladies wanted. So what did she trade Harvey who picked the vase first? A small can of sauerkraut! A pair of beautiful signet bookmarks, a piano book, candles, a bright orange plastic bucket, and many other items were chosen, but nobody knew what he had actually picked up until the gift was unwrapped.

Some were so outlandish that no one wanted to trade with THOSE folks. And that included poor Bob. With his typical good humor and acceptance of what comes his way, he offered all night to trade that laundry container to anyone who could use it. Well, you can guess who took it home… I wonder if he can find any use for it! – CHRIS

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