So This is Christmas


[ It’s a Chris -n- Dale Christmas! ]

December 29 – So Christmas season has arrived and departed once more, much more quickly, it seems than last year, but that was more quickly than the one before, and… I wonder if that has anything to do with aging, or is that true for everyone other than the little boys and girls who has been told that Santa will have many gifts under the tree, “if you will be good and help your Mommy and obey your Daddy, and be kind and loving to your sister or brother.” Those little kids have so much time on their hands and are not expected to help with tasks around the house, so what else would they think about?

Then, of course, the TV blasts away just about day and night, reminding everyone that December 25 will soon be here. Actually those kids have been hearing this long before Thanksgiving, so they know most of the ads by heart! All of the stores have something to draw customers in—special sales, no tax day, longer hours, clerks dressed as Santa, and reminders that Christmas truly will be here soon. Those little kids want to go to the stores of their choice, just to show their parents what they want to find under the tree. No matter the cost – if they want it, they expect to receive it! They want to sit on Santa’s lap so they can tell him just exactly what he should bring when and if he comes down the chimney.


[ Homemade quilts ]

And yes, how different are my thoughts of gift giving today than they were eighty years ago. Since we knew my folks didn’t have enough money to buy presents, we were perfectly satisfied with the homemade gifts that Mom had made as she stayed up working on them long after we had gone to bed. Brother and Sister rag dolls, a chubby, chunky little Santa Claus made from a bright red piece of cloth Mom had found in the Salvation Army store, angels with beautiful wings cut from shiny paper, or a homemade quilt. I thought that we were the most fortunate kids in the neighborhood. And we were, because Mom and Pa gave us more than handmade gifts; we were loved dearly, and that’s what counted.

The last week has been a busy time and continued to be so right on till the end of the week when we gathered together with 26 family and friends just across the field at the home of Laurie and Larry Pope for a delicious dinner. It was then followed by a musical program and Scripture to remind us of the Savior born so many, many years ago in Bethlehem. –  CHRIS

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