Christmas Cantata


[ Miriam and Grandfather Jacob ]

December 27 – Roughly two weeks ago our granddaughter Beckie picked us up after church and drove us to the Chapel Oaks Church where our son David and his family are members. The Christmas cantata, an annual event held there, is so well-done, with each of the participants helping to give the message of Bethlehem. Around fifty people, including a number of children, take part. David has been the narrator for many years now, and we chuckled a bit when someone reminded us that when our son first began narrating, someone had to use makeup to turn his beard gray to make sure he really looked like the elderly grandfather shepherd he represented.


[ The choir in full voice ]

The choir, directed by Donna McMillen for years and years, blended together in such wonderful harmony that it was good for my mind to just close my eyes and drink in the beauty of the music.

In between the musical sections, David and his “granddaughter” Lily Burke talked about the days when Grandpa was younger and had seen the Babe in the manger, and of the effect that experience had on the rest of his life. How happy he was when Lily asked in her solo, “What can I give Him?” then answered her own question with, “I’ll give Him my heart.” And I’m sure that in the eyes of Jesus, nothing could ever match that gift!


[ David and Lily ]

After the program we went to the fellowship hall to enjoy cookies, nuts, and other refreshments. We enjoyed talking with friends we hadn’t seen for awhile. When I noticed an older lady sitting all by herself across from us, I asked Dale, “Do you see that lady over there, the one with the big umbrella? Well, she doesn’t seem to have any friends or family with her, so I’m going over to talk with her a bit.” When I sat down and introduced myself, she smiled, and our conversation began. As her story unfolded, I was glad I had come to talk with her. A year ago, she had been diagnosed with cancer and given just a short time to live. However, as she had prayed for healing and had begun a diet of fresh foods, she was completely healed! What a great experience just because I felt she should have somebody to talk with.

David drove us the fifty miles back home, where, as usual, he spent some time checking out computer and printer problems. Oh, well, I think he was well paid because in the game of Rummikub that followed, he came out on top and was pleased to do so! – CHRIS

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One Response to Christmas Cantata

  1. Linda says:

    I am glad David suggested you start a blog. I enjoyed the news and pics you have posted.


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