Christmas Programs


[ Frosty comes to town ]

December 26 – We attended several Christmas programs over the last week or so, one of them at the small school about 12 miles from us. With nine, yes I did say NINE students in various grades, plus one teacher, it really is small. But that doesn’t mean the kids aren’t doing well and enjoying the school year. Dale and I have never missed one of their programs during the years gone by, and I even served on the school board for a number of years. We have given special programs for the children about our years of living in Zimbabwe (while it was still Rhodesia), and have tried to support them in their mission work in Haiti and Zimbabwe.

So we felt right at home when the program began—well, actually long before then because we thought all would begin at 6:00 pm, but we were somewhat mistaken! Since we arrived at a quarter to six, we were well over an hour early! Oh, well, we visited with a number of folks we knew while the time went by as the old saying goes, “as quick as a wink.” Both of us came prepared (as we always do before programs and meetings), and read or worked Sudoku puzzles. Actually, Dale read while I did the puzzles. He does NOT like them!

We could tell the kids, especially the little ones, were excited as they marched up the aisle to their chairs on the platform. The teacher followed, happy that all started out well. Some of the children recited poems or Bible references dealing with the birth of Jesus. Some did solo work while others joined together in twos or threes. Christmas songs and hymns were sweetly sung between the recitations. One little kindergarten boy was very serious and never forget a line. At the end, the children presented a short program using the chimes, and that little guy, right at the end of one hymn, raised his single chime high to close.

Afterward all were invited to the gym for cookies, nuts, candy, and punch. How fortunate we are to have so many young folks in our lives, and to know that we have a special place in their lives as well. Dale and I would have a very hard time getting used to living where there were no kids. A very sad world that would be! – CHRIS

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