More Birds Than Alfred Hitchcock


[ Cardinals and friends ]

December 17 – Didn’t expect all the activity when I got up this morning. Looking out the window, just outside our bedroom, I saw several birds of various kinds. Three cardinals with their really bright red feathers, all in the same area hopping and pecking when they found food. Near them were five jaunty blue jays, not staying in one place very long. They flew up into the branches of an elm tree nearby, pecking around on the bark before going back to the lawn. On the apricot tree, I could see a pair of small woodpeckers, pecking away on the tree bark.

Three flickers, with their bright red heads, searched in the grass for food. One of them must have decided he was the boss, because he continued to fly quickly at one of the others, just, I suppose to point out that he was the big guy. Just as one flicker had started pecking, a flock of geese flew over towards the big pond across the road, to find their morning food. The big guy flicker made me laugh, as he stopped hunting, stood perfectly still, and watched those geese. Well, I really don’t know about his geese-watching, but it makes a good story!


[ Boss Squirrel ]

While those birds were flitting around, the Big Boss arrived, sprinting up from the woods down by the creek. Mister Squirrel took over as soon as he arrived. With his tail shaking back and forth, he moved over to the biggest pile of seeds on the ground, chasing off those “minor” eaters. Truly, he was the boss, not just because he was larger than the birds, but also because he has learned through the years that nobody will stand up against him! Even Dale and I have given up on his determination to steal the grains and seeds we have bought for the birds! Those guys just don’t give up.

[ Blue jay and Red-bellied woodpecker

Soon a light bluish-gray nut hatch joined the smaller birds, flitting down to the food, and then rising rapidly to the trees. I always enjoy watching those birds as they check out the trunks with their head facing downward.

A very exciting encounter with a big bird came came last week. Well, not an encounter really, but a good sighting. As I was looking out at the row of clematis on the fence, I saw a huge bird flying along out to the pond area, and back at the end of our property behind the barn. As it flew a little closer, I was delighted to see the white head of a bald eagle! First time in a long time. And wouldn’t you know? Later in the day Dale announced that the very large bird with the white or bald head that was just flying across the pasture in the other direction was an eagle. I hadn’t told him earlier that I had seen one because he might think I wasn’t very smart. However, when he saw one, I announced that I had also seen one just that morning.

We will never cease to appreciate so many different kinds of wildlife that we see from day to day on these 18 acres. Only the Creator of all things in nature could be responsible for giving us such beauty and wisdom. – CHRIS

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