Lakes and Gravel


[ Lake in the driveway ]

December 16 – At last some sunshine and no rain! As usual we have a bit of a lake left in our driveway as we always do when the rains have come down pretty regularly for several days. When Dale told me last week that the propane truck was backing up from the road and into the driveway, all I could think of was the huge ruts the driver would make in the mud as the tires sloughed along through the lake.

Back in the spring we had arranged with a man who takes care of that lake problem by digging below the surface and putting in a drain across the driveway, to do the job for us. Unfortunately, we waited all summer for him to come by, even after several phone calls to remind him. Well, we were so pleased with the propane man as he very carefully backed up the truck, just a bit away from the lake, and settled farther in towards the tank. Just as careful was he when he left, that nobody could think that the area looks worse than it did before he came.

So, along with our sunshine, we were really pleased to find that the driver thought about us and didn’t roll his tires in deeply. Actually, Dale had told me when he first saw the truck that he would ask the driver to bring the two loads of gravel he had ordered for the driveway so much earlier in the year. It was to be put down after the drain was put in, but since the lake was never taken care of, he would ask that the gravel be brought now.

Unfortunately, the driver who was driving was NOT the one who brings the gravel. So, Dale had to stop in to order that gravel when we went to town last week. And hurrah, hurrah, it was delivered today! He couldn’t dump it right in the “driveway lake” due to a big tree, so we’ll have to move it by hand. But at least it has finally arrived. – CHRIS

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