Town Day I

December 13 – On Town Day, we usually plan on being at the post office to visit our good friends there, much more important than just buying the stamps I need, and then moving on! While Richard, the postmaster, was talking with us, a white-haired lady with a big smile and a spring in her step, came in to check her mail box. “Good morning,” Richard called, as he smiled and asked, “How are you and the “hot rod” today?” She was fine. Turning to us, Richard filled us in. “She’s a bit older and is proud of her “hot rod” that you can see right out there in front.”


[Little old lady from Pasadena? ]

Talk about shocked when we saw the dazzling bright reds and yellows with some black lines to divide off the various designs! Just a year older than I am, and her very own “hot rod!” Quickly I told Dale I was going out to get my camera and capture the moment! Standing in front of the car, the hot rodder told us that her grandson is an artist in Florida and decided he wanted to paint up that car for her to drive around the streets of Pleasant Hill! “He says it’s still not bright enough, though,” she admitted. Before I had a chance to pop back into the post office, Dale came down the steps with a “so long” from Richard. It was really good news to hear that his son’s health is continuing to improve.


[ Button wreath ]

At the Thrift Store just down the block, we found our great friend Bobbie, who is in charge of the store. Busy as usual, she was sorting through a number of just-turned-in items, pricing them and deciding where they should be displayed. In several rooms at the back of the store, volunteers were doing the same thing with other donations. As usual, we checked out a lot of things just for interest’s sake, like the plastic bags of buttons for instance. Talk about ancient! Some were covered with cloth, others decorated in unusual designs, some from army uniforms, some large and some small. I would enjoy dumping those buttons out on the floor just so I could try to figure out where they had come from. On our living room wall hangs a large wreath of old buttons, we bought at Thrift, and I check it out periodically just for fun and to find something new I might have missed on my other inspections.


[ Books and tapes from Thrift ]

So what do we always check out first at the store? BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS! Anything but fiction is fair game, and we never leave without a pile or two of all sorts of kinds, along with books for children that we donate to families with kids. I am always glad to find the pop-up books; not all of them are meant for children! Young at heart, maybe? Their artistry is always appreciated, and I like to look again at the ones we have bought through the years.


[ Some new tins ]

Off to the corner where tins are displayed, tins for cookies and candy, tins for peppermints and chocolates, tins for popcorn, and tins just for fun. I have never checked out that corner without picking out some unusual or just plain for-fun tins to add to my collection. Good thing we have a basement large enough to store them. Must be at least 50 banana boxes packed full of them. I usually buy CD’s of the classics or mood music for a good background for work or reading at home. (I’m listening to one on the computer right now!) After checking out a few more items, we decided it was time to move on. Bobbie had been packing our stuff in boxes and figuring out how much we should pay.

Talk about a bargain! Books, like Country Woman Christmas, Cops on the Street, and so many more. One of the friendly volunteers talked with Dale about his love of books and mentioned one that she is now reading at home. “I’ll be done with it by next week,” she offered, “and I’ll bring it back so you can buy it!” Back at the check-out Dale asked how much we owed. “Three dollars,” Bobbie answered. I gulped. “That’s ALL?” I asked. “Are you sure you counted all of the books and tins?” “Well, you can get a lot of books when they’re ten cents each, and tins are marked down too!”

As Dale handed her three dollars, Bobbie said, “Oh, wait a minute. Remember I told you we have some blankets and spreads to donate.” Back she came with a huge bag of bedding. We take these items to ladies who are in charge of seeing the donations go to the abused women centers.


[Free tapes! ]

Before we left, we noticed cases of cassette tapes that were completely free since hardly any of the younger generation ever uses such things! Because of purchases in Thrift Stores we have five cassette players at present. Nice to play Bible and classical tapes while I’m working in the kitchen or sorting things in the basement. Since most of the tapes in one carrier were some of my favorites, The Tenors or Pavarotti, Dale asked if it would be OK to take the whole case. “Yes, take the tapes and the carrying case as well,” Bobbie said, “and enjoy them all. I’m glad that you have a player!”. (more tomorrow) – CHRIS


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