Godspeed, Brother Rich

Brother Rich at his computer

Brother Rich at his computer

December 6 – If you have already seen the blog post about my older (by 3 years) brother Rich back in January, there is a reason why I am asking our son David (he handles all of the blog publication details once we write the material) to send it out again (see most recent post).

On Friday, my very special brother passed away following a fall in the nursing home out in Redding, CA. That was a real shock to both Dale and me since we had not heard about the fall. Rich’s son Richard passed the news on to us Friday evening. It was hard to settle down to anything, or to get my mind off that really bad news.

Richard read our blog to his dad just about every day as he was so faithful in keeping in touch and visiting in the nursing home. Periodically he would send comments on the blog and tell us what his dad had said. Poor Dale took care of sending the sad news to all of our nieces and nephews, as I just couldn’t take care of it myself. I have found that working hard outside helps me to deal with the sad news. Just sitting and thinking is not the key for me. Just wanted all of you to know of our loss. Rich was a loving, caring, helping, and happy Christian. We plan to see him again when Jesus comes the second time! – CHRIS

Six Christoph siblings Roy, Ed, Frank (back) Pete, Chris, (front)

– six Christoph siblings –
Roy, Ed, Frank (back)
Pete, Chris,  Rich (front)

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2 Responses to Godspeed, Brother Rich

  1. Richard Christoph says:

    Thank you for the kind words and warm memories of our wonderful Dad.


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