A Second Thanksgiving (part 1)


[ Fall leaves ]

December 2 – So much for which to be grateful for, and this several days after our official Thanksgiving holiday! Nobody or nothing in the whole world could keep us from our gratitude for all of the blessings we enjoy every day of the year. Maybe we just aren’t aware of a thought like that. But, is it enough to be grateful on but one day of the year? My answer to that question is, “No. Not at all!”

So many of us would be surprised if we jotted down our reasons for giving thanks every evening as we lie down on our comfortable bed with the blankets pulled up around our neck, taking time in the quietness to “Count your blessings; name them one by one,” as the old hymn says. So much easier to go off to sleep with the attitude of thanksgiving, rather than remembering our problems and our recollections of “This has been a bad day!”

We were especially blessed during our weekend church service as a Brass Ensemble composed of some of our church members and others from a sister church, presented a Thanksgiving concert of well-known hymns.

We usually stay by to greet our friends after the service, but this time we hurried to the car and off to the highway that took us safely home, although we had heard of icy roads in the area. As we drove into our driveway, we found our son David waiting for us in his car. Not even a surprise to find him there, as he and his wife Darlene had arranged another special Thanksgiving for us to enjoy! We quickly changed clothes, checked out the stamps and books that he had saved for us, and then settled down in his car, ready for the trip to his daughter Rindy’s apartment in Topeka, KS.

We were surprised to find that the trees and bushes all along the highway were beautiful, covered with ice shining in the sunshine. Even some small snowdrifts back from the road. The first for us this year! I think David must have been wondering, “Is Mom ever going to stop talking about the ice and bits of snow?” His talkative mother didn’t stop! That ice in the sunshine is so delicate and beautiful, especially when the highway is clear.


[ KU Jayhawks ]

Very soon (or so it seemed as the car’s speedometer showed we were traveling at 70, then 75 [the speed limit in Kansas] we had covered the distance to Lawrence which the KU Jayhawks call home. On we went, with David pointing out various places of interest such as museums which he knows I enjoy visiting.

As we neared Topeka, David contacted Rindy or Darlene on his cell phone to find if he had remembered correctly the road that he would take off the exit. All along the way when the calls were coming in or going out, I couldn’t help but think of how different is the travel today as compared with the old days. Back then, our driving out from Pennsylvania was just plain driving or stopping for gas. Who ever owned a cell phone, let alone the special ones of today?!

We soon met the two ladies as we drove into the parking lot at Rindy’s apartment. Poor Rindy! She was afraid that her “elderly grandparents” would fall on the ice so melted as much as she could, then chipped away the bits left over. Of course, I reminded her that with all of our thanks and appreciation, she really did much more than necessary!


[ Rindy’s tree in the living room ]

Inside we followed Rindy around as she proudly showed us each room. From the living room, we went to the huge closet, the laundry room, and bathroom, all in a circular walk back to the living room and kitchen/dining area. Now, with some time to look around, I quickly checked out the beautifully trimmed Christmas tree. Filled with green lights, that tree was a beautiful sight. “Grandma, I trimmed the tree with lights not only outside, but also inside the inner foliage, so that the entire tree will be lighted up. I learned that from Dad!” Nice note of appreciation there, and I was happy to see that he could take the credit so freely given.

Of many interesting decorations on the tree, I found a number of Pittsburgh Steeler players, including Troy Polamalu, all decked out for Christmas. I remembered how much Rindy, even as a small child, thought that Troy was the best of the best. (more tomorrow) – CHRIS

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