Rainbows and Grandchildren

November 26 – A bright spot in our day came this week when we saw a neat white car drive into the driveway. Who else could it be but Kevin, our grandson, who is home from Union College for Thanksgiving vacation? Kevin always looks on the bright side and has a big grin for everyone. With an almost-perpetual smile like that of his mom and dad, he takes things as they come and tries to make the best of the situation. A year and a half younger than his brother Robbie who just turned 30, he has so many interests that I wonder if he even remembers what he enjoys the most. He has grown from a roly-poly little boy to a six-foot plus young man, and a friend to everyone he knows.


Kevin and the rainbow

Studying for a career as a nurse, he should have no problem in securing a good position, since nurses are in high demand these days. He has mentioned working in a nearby hospital after his graduation, or possibly being a home nurse who might travel as he wishes. As usual, he has made many friends in college, and enjoys being a big part of the family there.

He might also be interested in taking part in the International Rescue and Relief program where students choose to serve in disaster and humanitarian relief all over the world. My thoughts through the years? I think he would be a top-notch forest ranger or part of a national park staff for at least two reasons. He is so interested in nature and the plants and animals, and has a real knowledge of them.

While he was visiting with us, we talked over the good old days when he was but a little kid, remembering some of the funny things he did way back then. As the three of us were talking, I happened to look up at the ceiling to find something there that I had never seen before. A beautiful rainbow with the lovely colors in wide bands. Now how did that rainbow get up there? I wondered.

151126_CDRainbowWhen I shouted, “Hey, look at the rainbow!” Kevin answered, “I’ve been checking it out, and I think I know what makes those colors!” He left the couch and moved towards the little hand-made wooden wheelbarrow that holds stacks of our CD’s, he said, “I’ll bet it’s the CD. Look at the rays of the sun reflected off it.”

(Little note here: David’s wife Darlene’s dad made the wheelbarrow for us years ago. Beautiful workmanship!)


Dale reflecting the rainbow

Kevin investigated a little more, and after picking up the CD and holding it on his finger, he moved it around, catching the sun’s rays , then losing them, then seeing them once more. Now why in the world have we never seen that rainbow before? Well, that’s an easy answer. That CD and others like it without their storage envelopes had never been in that specific position before. After playing the rainbow game for awhile, we decided to leave that CD in the same position so that we might see the rainbow this morning if the sun were in a good mood! And, yes we did see the same beautiful colors both on the ceiling and on our clothes as we stood on one side of the CD. Maybe we can surprise some visitors one day, if they come early enough in the morning!

As Kevin left us to get at some duties he had, he gave us the usual, “Beep, beep, be-beep, beep, beep, beep!” on the car horn, to say so long. As usual we could hear his special good bye for a long time. That reminds me of Robbie’s special good bye when he starts out of the driveway. He looks straight ahead but waves his arm up and down in kind of a slicing movement, and doesn’t stop till he is out of sight. Just little things, but it’s nice to know that they haven’t forgotten.

We are really proud and thankful for all five of our grandchildren, and glad that they are related to us! Two girls, or rather young women, and three young men, all doing well, enjoying their work, and making new friends wherever they go. – CHRIS

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