The Plumber and Hy-Vee (Not Related)

November 19 – Another grey day ahead, it seemeth, but I guess it isn’t supposed to rain. We had quite a bit earlier this week but I haven’t checked the rain gauge yet. Hate to get my shoes wet in the grass. Remind me to bring that gauge in before we get a good freeze, or it will crack and be useless.


Dale and Rob at Hy-Vee

We took Robbie to Hy Vee yesterday to treat him to their buffet lunch for his birthday. A couple of days late but I doubt that he minds. We did a bit of shopping while we were there, and also stopped at Aldis to get some potatoes, etc. And on the way home we went through Pleasant Hill and stopped at Price Chopper to get a prescription and to see if our friend Sheila is still at her check-out counter.


Chris on a Cleaning Mission

Chris is busy checking out the medicine closet in the bathroom, and is finding all sorts of old and obsolete unknowns that will go in the waste basket for future burning. We seem to have a huge supply of Q-tips. Yesterday we had our plumber here to clear the bathroom sink drain, which had stopped up, and that was quite inconvenient. He had promised us the day before that he would be here before noon the next day, and he was.

He and his helper were soon at work, lying on the bathroom floor and using their “snake” to try and find the blockage. In the process they discovered the last several inches of a someone else’s “snake” that had broken off long ago and probably was the cause of the blockage. We wonder who the plumber was back then, who just left it in the pipe? This plumbing business is always rather messy and leaves a lot of gooey black smears around. We also asked the plumber to do something about the squeaky hot water faucet in the sink. I had tried before to get a lubricant in there but had failed. He had done that years ago and it worked for a while, but then went back to squeaking whenever the handle was used. All is silent again.


Biz’s Memory Tree

The foliage on daughter Biz’s memory tree is still radiant and glowing, while most of our other trees have shed their leaves. Speaking of foliage – was seeing on TV last night something about oak mites, tiny creatures that live in oak trees and sometimes fall down on passersby and bite them, causing itchy spots. I don’t know if we have any in our trees, but there are still a lot of dead brown leaves on them that could harbor mites.

That weather out around Denver doesn’t sound very pleasant. We have a friend who is out there for all of this week on business, and wonder how he is getting around. The blizzard in western Kansas will hopefully stay to the west, as eastern Kansas is not anxious to share it. Or am I wrong? Not all that pleasant to go walking of an evening in a blizzard, you know! – DALE

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