Computers and Me – Part 2

November 18 – Yes, I don’t know much more about computers now than I did more than 20 years ago when Dale and I were first asked to do the church treasury books on the computer. Before then we kept our records in those huge old ledgers and had no idea how to start with the computer! I can’t even remember which computer I was supposed to use, but I think I worked with the one that belonged to the church.


Our computer tower

Now you may laugh at the following. Just after I agreed to put our treasury work on the computer, our pastor, Jim and his wife Eileen, moved to Florida. Since Jim was the one I counted on to show me the ins and outs of the computer, I made a number of long distance phone calls to Florida for several months with questions for him to answer.

Always in good spirits, he never suggested that maybe I had better quit and let somebody else do the job. He always told me that he knew I could do the work, and came up with the solutions I needed. Somewhere along the line, his methods did work, and I was able to keep the books in good form for the auditors to check. How much nicer it would have been if Jim and Eileen had stayed back in our church in Pennsylvania, rather than move away. Really neat folks they were (and still are)!

Funny little story concerning computers. Before I retired two years ago from volunteer work and helping out in one of our local Missouri schools, I noticed that the kids in various classes relied pretty heavily on the Internet, using search options. Now while I was teaching all through the years, I showed the kids how to find info they needed for reports from various encyclopedias and library books. Pictures for illustrations could be clipped from lots of magazines I kept in the classroom for just that purpose. At first, when I saw how the students of today put together their reports, I was a bit unhappy! Since I have always felt that a real student reads and reads, taking notes on important ideas, I had a hard time watching those reports coming entirely from the computer!


Our computer tower

However, as I have mentioned before, even though it’s sometimes hard to accept, I really did get to the place where I thought it was a pretty neat idea to use the info that came up so readily just by the click of a button! For instance, when I wrote my last blog about October and June I wanted to make sure I would write the lines correctly, so I hurried to one of our many book shelves to check in one of our favorite books, Favorite Poems, Old and New. Would you believe, with its well over several hundred poems, I couldn’t find What Is So Rare as a Day in June or October’s Bright Blue Weather! So quickly I pulled up SEARCH on the internet, and there was my answer, just like that! – CHRIS

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