Computers and Me – Part 1


Chris at the computer

November 17 – I think I’ve mentioned in my blog more than once that I am not very knowledgeable about computers and how they work. There are many times I think I would have given up if it hadn’t been for our son David and his expertise. Seems as if he has always been in love with computers, ever since, so many, years ago when he was just a teenager and tried to make something like a computer that he could work with.

Fortunately, not only is he one smart kid, but he is also very much a teacher when he tries to help me, the real teacher, understand what he is trying to show me so I can solve the latest problem that I have. The best part is that he keeps his thoughts to himself, just coming up with ideas that I already understand, but making comparisons with those ideas to the computer problems that I can’t fix by myself at all.

Now all of that introduction prepares you for another bit about computers that I’m sure you already know about, even though I didn’t! While Dale was attending some meetings this week, I decided to find out what would happen if I pushed a button near the top of the computer, directly over the places where I insert the memory card from my camera when I want to put the latest pictures into the picture folders.


Music CDs

I thought something would open, but how surprised I was when a CD holder opened right up, giving me a place to put one of my many music CD’s! I am now enjoying the second CD, this one of Chopin’s music. Before that I played Christmas carols since Dale was at the meeting and couldn’t hear it. (He is not a fan of that kind of music.) Now the next thing I intend to do is push on two other buttons to see what they can do for me!

But having said this, and with many thanks to David for all of his help and teaching, I have no plans whatsoever to purchase a DESKTOP, LAPTOP, iPAD, TABLET or NOTEBOOK or any of the other gadgets that continue to flood the market. Those things are pretty expensive, but that’s not the reason I want to stay with this computer sitting on the floor beside me! I just can’t face trying to learn how to use something else! – CHRIS

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