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Jeremiah Bible lessons

Jeremiah Bible lessons

November 15 – Sitting here at the computer getting some thoughts together that I can send out as a blog. From time to time I’ve made notes so I don’t forget what I plan to write about, but it seems as if that list of notes is getting longer as I haven’t really sat down to come up with anything that might be of interest to you.

Well, first of all while in church this weekend, we listened to a discussion of several chapters in the book of Jeremiah, followed by the sermon pointing out that our country would be in better shape in many ways if parents showed their children how to be good citizens and learned to help, first, at home, and then in the neighborhood, before setting up homes of their own.

Cherry cobbler

Cherry cobbler

What a delicious fellowship meal we enjoyed after the church services! How much we look forward to this monthly dinner, just as much for the fellowship as for the food. When church folks are just as dear as family, there’s a good feeling in the hearts and minds of those who meet together week by week. Do you want me to make your mouth water a bit? Just by mentioning what was on the menu, I think I could do that. All sorts of salads, so good for us. Lettuce and other greens, several kinds of potato salad, coleslaw, yummy baked beans, scalloped potatoes, lasagna, lentils, spinach salad and others I can’t remember. Scrumptious desserts included cherry cheese cake, brownies, and various kinds of cookies, peach cobbler, and pumpkin and berry pies.

A pond where muskrats love to dwell

A pond where muskrats love to dwell

During our usual daily walk along the pasture trails, we wondered why we haven’t seen any muskrats in about a week. Dale is wondering if something is killing them off, but I doubt that. Maybe they don’t like to leave the pond as the water level has gone down several feet. Maybe they don’t feel safe, especially since something killed one of the family a couple nights ago. All along the trails we found branches blown off trees during the strong winds a couple days ago. We even found two good sized trees that were broken down during the storm.

As we listened to the evening news, we were reminded once again of the very sad situation in Paris, where ISIS members struck in several locations, killing over 130 people. In a bar, in the stadium, and in the concert hall, at least seven bombers did their best to do away with as many folks as possible before blowing themselves up.

As we tried to understand even just a little bit of what happened in Paris, we were not very successful in coming up with an answer. Time out for a bit as Dale has called me from the living room to watch the report from Lester Holtz and his crew. Bad enough to imagine what happened in Paris, but as I see the destruction and loss of life, with some survivors fortunate to be alive—one young woman was shielded from the gunmen while she lay under the dead body of a man who was shot. Thus covered by his body and blood, she lay on the ground for an hour before she could get up and escape–I think of what will have to happen before ISIS is overcome in all the countries where they practice their beliefs.

Red delicious apples

Red delicious apples

OK, I guess this will be it for tonight. Dale just popped in to say he was making a couple toasted cheese sandwiches for himself and wanted to know if I planned on having one. When we eat our first meal at dinnertime as we did today, neither of us is hungry enough to eat very much in the evening Maybe I’ll just have some cantaloupe, an apple or apricots, a tomato sandwich, and fruit juice. It can digest while we’re playing Rummikub afterward. I know it’s not good for me to eat late, but sometimes the usual meal schedule just doesn’t work.

As I check out the list of things I planned to write about, I find that I didn’t do very well! In the first place, I didn’t have Paris on my mind a couple days ago, and secondly I hadn’t thought about the pot luck dinner. All I can say is that I doubt I will ever get to the bottom of the original list! – CHRIS

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