Our Imaginary Animal Friends

Pictures in the clouds?

Pictures in the clouds?

November 10 – I think I’ll start this post with the “pretend” animals that we have enjoyed both this year and last. Now, we both have a great imagination and can see pictures in clouds, in sunsets, etc. We have a framed picture of Dale and me lying on the hill with our bikes beside us, made and given to us by our daughter Biz. The caption reads: “Doesn’t that cloud look like a vacuum cleaner?” In answer to my question, Dale says, “Yes, dear, it does!”.

But the animals I’m referring to now are made with the clematis vines that run along one of the side fences. If you’ve never heard of clematis, it’s a vining plant with small white flowers that bloom late in the season. You can see pictures of it in seed and plant catalogs, but the flowers there, of other varieties, are bigger and come in several colors.

A clematis lion

A clematis lion

One day, as I walked from behind the barn, I happened to look down at the fence, yards ahead of me and was amazed to see a huge green animal, with the head of a large St. Bernard, lying atop the fence. Of course, I knew it wasn’t real, but it was fun to trace out the features. Later, when I showed Dale the animal, he thought it resembled a lion!

So were there more animals on that fence? As we walked up the little hill towards the road, we didn’t find any in the first section, but as we went a little further, both of us exclaimed, “There’s a pony!” Sure enough, and that was a very lively young animal, galloping along with its hind feet in the air. Right next to it, was a small horse, in a position that made us think of the merry-go-round creatures that move up and down with the music! The fence post near by could have been the pole on which he sat!

Clematis in bloom

Clematis in bloom

As we drive home from town or church, we always look for our clematis animals, and are still enjoying them now, in almost the middle of November. We watched as they developed flowers, and as the flowers turned from white to white with reddish lines through them, till now, they have no color at all. But our animals are still green and enjoying the bright, warm autumn days. Soon, I know I will have to cut back the vines, close to the ground, and wait for their arrival come spring of next year. Will next year’s animals be small or large? Who knows? We just want to be sure they are there to poke our imagination! – CHRIS

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