Laundry First, Followed by Sunflowers

October 29 – Another blog made up of bits and pieces that seem too short to make up an entire write-up, so here we go. With the temperature standing at 40 degrees this morning, we weren’t ready to get out to work till later. Just as well, because I didn’t do the laundry last week as the weatherman promised rain! Sure, promises, but not much in the way of actual raindrops. In fact, our rain gauge didn’t even register!

Washday at the Fairchilds

Washday at the Fairchilds

Sure do like to hang out the washing, rather than use the dryer. The clothes smell so sweet and clean as I take them down off the line. Just to see them flying in the breeze reminds me of the old days of childhood when Mom did the laundry by hand on the old scrub board) for her family of seven. Except in the snow and ice of winter, she always hung out our clothes, doing the laundry several times weekly. I never had to do that as two kids use a lot less clothing than Mom’s seven!

Back to the rain. Not too far from us, the rains really did come down, and some flooding was reported. That made me think of the photos and stories about the overabundance of rain that so many states in the South have had recently. Homes destroyed, cars swept away, and so much of their lives to make over. Texas, Florida, Mississippi. Sure do feel sorry for the folks who have lost everything.

Dale cutting down the sunflower stalks

Dale cutting down the sunflower stalks

With the clotheslines full, I carted some boxes of papers, etc. that needed to be burned in the old barrel down by the barn. What fun to see the plastic bottles and containers just shrivel up in the heat before they make their usual popping sound as they give up the ghost.

By that time, Dale had completed the column he writes for one of the local newspapers, so he met me out at the Maximilian perennial sunflower patch, all ready to cut down the hard, thick stalks. Hardly seemed possible that it was time to get out the pruners for that patch, because it was just about a week ago that I took some pictures of the golden flowers with their faces checking out the bright sun above them.

Maximillian Sunflowers

Maximillian Sunflowers

Those plants were covered with flowers but this morning it would have been hard to find four or five! I guess I’ll have to admit that autumn has been here for about a month and will have to accept winter when it comes.

After carrying back the big stacks of those plants on a bright blue tarp, we moved on to the other section near the old burning pile that had received the bamboo, tree branches,  yucca, chestnut burrs, and tomato plants after other trimming jobs. I think it really is about time that we burned that pile, but we don’t want to take a chance on setting the adjoining fields on fire. More tomorrow… – CHRIS

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