Town Day. Kinda.

October 10 – We went to the Dermatology people in Lee’s Summit late last week to so Chris could have her annual check-up for skin cancer. We got there early, and she was accepted early, and the doctor found that everything was good, no cancer, and gave her a good report. So we rejoice and are thankful. Did a little shopping along the way – Aldi, WalMart, Dollar Tree.

Petunias at Clyde's house

Petunias at Clyde’s house

Spent Friday morning in Pleasant Hill getting things done that we needed to do. Stopped in to see Clyde and to have a good talk with him. Clyde gave us two of his tools, one a kind of shovel-hoe and the other a really big set of clippers. When we walked into the house this morning, the first thing Clyde did was stop me and tell me to take off my glasses and look him in the eye! Sheila from Price Chopper had a lovely card with a lot of handwriting in it talking about the yucca eye! I told Dale neither of those folks would have known about the accident if it hadn’t been for the blog!

I am always amazed at how much people remember from what they have read. Even when we talked about his granddaughter’s car accident, he grinned and mentioned that Dale had had a little trouble with the church fence awhile back. The only way he could know that was through the blog, and that one was published a long time ago.

Dale evaluating the remaining yuccas

Dale evaluating the remaining yuccas

We went to the Lee’s Summit Church to hear Pastor Mike Collins preach. We’re asking if he and Evelyn have any plans for the afternoon, or if they would like to come out, visit, and have supper with us. Our son will be coming on Sunday to give us a hand on yard work, including what remains of the yucca plants. Nice of him to come out, and we are reminding him to bring some safety glasses! I have a pair he can use, but don’t like them too much as it shuts off my airways in my nose. We were looking for rain this weekend, but it doesn’t sound like a definite thing. We do need it.

Dale just came up for help finding our old toaster for making toasted cheese sandwiches, so farewell for now. – CHRIS and DALE (joint entry)

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