Fall Cleanup

Dale checking for chestnuts

Dale checking for chestnuts

October 8 – Things have been a bit chillier lately, and we have our furnace on, set to 72 degrees. We definitely had our jackets on when we went out to check on what chestnuts might still be on our tree. Not many, maybe a dozen or so. The squirrels can have what are left, as they are too high in the tree for us to reach. There was a work bee at the church earlier this week, but we decided not to go. We claim exemptions because of the dates on our birth certificates!!

But we did get work done at home, never fear! Our big cleome plants had gone into decline, so I dug them up today and carted them off to be burned later. They doubtless have dropped thousands of seeds that will spring up next year. The ground was very dry and we need some rain. Am surprised the peppers and tomatoes and lima beans aren’t wilting. I may have to run a weeping hose out to them in a day or two. Was thinking I would soon have to move my house plants inside as these 40 degrees temps at night aren’t too good for them, but so far the plants seem fine and the stapelias are blooming heavily. Warmer weather coming up in a day or two.

Before cleaning 1

Before cleaning

We also tackled cleaning up our shed in the garden. It had become very messy and dirty and took lots of  cleaning, throwing out, and re-arranging. We had several old coils of garden hose with patches or only one good end, that I haven’t used in years, and I gathered these up and carried them out to the burning pile. Chris hammered some big nails into one of the rafters and hung up the watering cans so they are all nicely lined up for future access.

After cleaning

After cleaning

All of the old metal pipes and stakes that we use for anchoring the tomato cages are now in a big blue plastic barrel where they will be easy to reach next year, and the barrel is so heavy I could barely move it into a corner. Better start exercising your hammering arms in case I call on any of you for help after transplanting time.

We were surprised at church last weekend when Harvey and his folks came in, he with his walker but looking pretty good. Attendance at church was small, as a number of families were at Sunnydale Academy for a class reunion. Nearly everybody sat on the south side of the church (our side), whereas usually more people sit on the north side. We thought that Kevin would be there, but didn’t see him or any of the Popes and wonder where they all were.

Next week is potluck but we won’t be there as we are going to the Lee’s Summit Church to hear Pastor Mike Collins preach. He and Evelyn are due to leave for Beirut on the 14th of October. We are wondering how to get the church bulletins to our church that morning; we may have to drive the 16 miles on Friday to drop them off. The Holden Image has so much stuff to print this week that we won’t be sending them our usual church article for printing, which saved us quite a bit of work. There won’t be ANY church articles, actually. We did take a lot of notes, as we didn’t know about the “no-print” deal until it was too late.

Cat in the feeder

Cat in the feeder

Cat came rushing in tonight when Chris opened the house door. Cat had been lying in the bird feeder table but wasn’t catching any birds and may have been a bit chilly out there. We heard from our good friend Dana at the Holden Image that her mother has had to put her dog to sleep because it had diabetes and could not be treated any more. Most of us know how sad it is to have to lose a part of the family that way.

Will be going over to visit with Harvey a bit, as we didn’t get a chance to visit with him at church. Too many people talking with him before us to see how his leg is doing. Chris picked some tomatoes and peppers and few cucumbers, and has already chopped up a lot of peppers and has them in the freezer. But I suspect she’ll tell you more about that herself. – DALE

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