Well, That’s a Poke in the Eye – Part 2

Working in the yucca jungle

Working in the yucca jungle

October 7 – It would be nice if the poke-in-the-eye story ended where we left it last, but I was not that fortunate! If you remember, I had bent over a yucca to cut off as much of the dead part as I could with the clippers. Whoa! I stopped in mid cut as I could feel a sharp pain in my eye!

About an hour later, my eye was so teary and sore, that I didn’t know what to do to ease the pain. Hot compresses. Keeping my eye closed. Aspirins. Really nothing helped. And the pain that was around the center of my eye, had spread to the rest of it. After an almost sleepless night, I finally gave in to Dale’s suggestion that he phone our eye doctor to make an appointment.

Fortunately, he would see me that same afternoon! After being closely examined by the friendly young assistant, and answering all of her questions, she left, and Dr. Rob soon appeared. Again lots of questions, with some pondering before examining my poor painful eye for a long time. Finally, he announced that he could easily see the spot where the yucca had stabbed me. All around that area an infection had set in, and it should be taken care of right away. His last instructions: “Here’s a prescription for you to fill, and I want to see you back here in two days.”

At the desk, we had the time changed to four days, before going off to the pharmacy where our new friend Kim made up the prescription after spending time trying to figure out how to lower the price. Since we are not signed up for Medicare D, we had to pay full price. “Well, I did make up just a small bottle,” Kim announced when she told us the price would be FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS!” Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money to those who have high-priced prescriptions filled all year long, but as I have written before, I don’t take any medication at all regularly, and when something like that pops up unexpectedly, I am shocked! And believe it or not, that was the generic brand!

Dr. Rob and Chris

Dr. Rob and Chris

So several days later we went to Discover Vision Center to see what Dr. Rob would say about my eye on the follow-up visit. Great! He said the area looked good, and was more than glad to find that I no longer had the pain that had prompted our calling last week for an appointment. I wanted to take his picture to put in this blog so you all could see what a good guy he is! He says he isn’t good-looking, but we know he is! But even better than his facial features, are his concerns for his patients. He is willing to take enough time to get close to them and to answer questions they may have. Pretty difficult to really know a doctor and appreciate his work if he doesn’t have time to talk!

Lots of yucca - get the point? (I did)

Lots of yucca – get the point? (I did)

Believe it or not, my afternoon plans after my doctor visit were to once again work in the yucca area, being sure this time that my eyes were covered with something other than just plain glasses. However, when we finally arrived home, we found that it was still quite chilly and cloudy, a really gray day. Well, there would be warmer weather coming up, so I put the first plans on hold. Instead I went to the living room to watch Jeopardy, then down to the basement shelves to put the canned goods in order. The yucca will just have to get along without me and my back-to-normal left eye for awhile! – CHRIS

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