Well, That’s a Poke in the Eye – Part 1

Tools and trimmings

Tools and trimmings

October 6 – One of the latest jobs on our list was more work in the yucca bed on the side hill next to the road. When I first suggested that we clean out that area, I thought we might be busy for a couple mornings, but I was wrong! After seeing what we have accomplished in that amount of time already, I think it will probably take another few days to finally say, “Hooray! We’re done!” When we’re ready, Dale loads up the garden cart with a rake, shovel, hatchet, hand saw, pruners, both small and large, and gloves.

While he cuts out some of the dead yuccas (you can tell which ones should be cut out because the original green stem has turned to wood, while the leaves are yellow or brown), I work at cutting off the dead stems of the beautiful pink cone flower, and yanking out the long, but loose, grasses that covered the ground under and around the yucca plants. Now and again I let my hand go too near the spiked leaves growing out from the center and received some reprimands for getting too close!

Yucca cut and sliced

Yucca cut and sliced

Not too long after we had started one day last week, I felt a sharp jab in my left eye, really sharp, and painful, overly so! I don’t really consider myself a cry baby, but I almost felt like crying right then. How in the world did that spike get into my eye when I was wearing my glasses! I will never know the answer to that one, but I will really be glad when the pain is gone. While I was writing this post, my eye was watering, with lots of soreness, and I had to stop from time to time to start over.  As the hours went by, there was more pain than in the beginning, but who knows why.

Fortunately, it was my left eye was jabbed. Why fortunately? All my life I could NOT wink my right eye without closing the left! Yes, I could close the left, and the right eye stayed open. As a child, I never gave it a thought, but just thought everybody blinked as I did. Only as a teenager, when in our old-fashioned game of “Winces” did I find the truth. That’s when we young ladies would stand behind our chairs, and wink at one of the young men, telling him to come and sit in the chair in front of us. When it was my turn to wink, I would choose boys from anywhere in the circle, and the girl standing behind “my boy” would grab him before he could even get up to move towards me! I just couldn’t wink without cocking my head to one side so I could throw the wink with my left eye. Finally I had to opt out of that game, leaving it to those who could play it well.

Dale cutting yucca

Dale cutting yucca

While we were cutting the yucca, Dale had to be extra careful that he didn’t slide down the bank towards the road. I suggested that he forget the middle part of the plants and move on down towards the road where he would be on level ground if he slipped a bit. While there, he dug the dirt out of the drain that runs from the house to the road. It must have been blocked for some time, judging from the large amount of mud he shoveled.

Hauling away the remnants

Hauling away the remnants

As we filled up the garden cart, we took the yucca back to the pile where all of that sort of thing is waiting for a good big bonfire to eat it up. What a blaze that will be! While Dale carted ashes from the heap in the corner of the garden to spread them all around, I was in and out of the kitchen sorting tomatoes, cutting some up, and getting a big bowl of cucumbers and onions, ready for supper and beyond.

All through the day, I hoped that the eye drops Dale put into my eyes would ease the pain and let me see a bit more clearly. After many hours went by, the pain was a little better and I had great hope that once I got to bed in an hour or two and could close both of my eyes, there would be some relief! (to be continued…) – CHRIS

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