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Dale the Lumberjack

September 9 – OK, so Labor Day was not our usual busy day, and we didn’t have a lot to show for the hours as we usually do. However, it was good to be able to spend more time in … Continue reading

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Labor Day Indoors

September 8 – Of all surprising behavior for the two of us, we spent Labor Day inside, not working outdoors. Having had no rain for some time, the ground was really hard and dry during the weekend when we did … Continue reading

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A Flower Overview

September 7 – I have always had an interest in plants and flowers, and have grown many over the years. Some, like the Jerusalem Artichoke grow tall, and some, like the cactus, do not. This blog post is dedicated to … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Ma’s Operation

September 6 – The year I was eight, Ma had a serious operation that left her somewhat of an invalid for several months. When she came back from the hospital looking weak and worn and as thin as I have … Continue reading

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African Tales – Stone Walls

September 4 – Some of the older homes for the missionaries at Solusi Mission were surrounded by walls of stones all tacked together, maybe three feet high and two feet thick. These walls were fine hideaways for wildlife such as … Continue reading

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Broken Trees and Broken Legs

September 3 – Had a real job this week! Dale has been wanting to cut down the dying tree on which one end of the hammock was tied, and has had trouble time and again with his chain saw. He … Continue reading

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A Rose is a Rose… Unless it’s a Water Primrose

September 2 – Water primrose again! Seems as if our life for the last few days has been centered on that particular weed that fills the area all around the edges of the pond. I thought that Dale had made … Continue reading

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