“Old Age” Flu Shot

September 26 – When Dale’s RA doctor moved several miles away from the hospital where Dale always went to see him and to have his medication checked , we decided to find another doctor. After the new one had checked Dale out and told him to go to the lab for a blood check, he asked if we had had our flu shots yet. No, we had not, so he was planning to give Dale his, explaining that at our age, there is a different version from that of younger folks. After explaining to the doctor that we always had ours at one of the local pharmacies in the nearest Price Chopper, he said, “Fine with me, but be sure to tell the pharmacist that you want the stronger dose!”

Pharmacist Kim

Pharmacist Kim

Since we had a number of items to check out today, including the need for a new riding mower battery, Dale thought it would be good to stop at the store for the needed flu shot. After we tried unsuccessfully to explain the need for the stronger stuff, to one of the employees behind the counter, she called the young lady who is in charge of giving the flu shots. “Well, today is not a good day,” she said, “at least not this morning. Now if you can come in the late afternoon…” Dale explained that we were too busy after lunch, so she suggested two other dates next week. Fine with us.

Then Dale handed her the brochure from the other doctor, the one he thought we should have, “at your age” because it is stronger and more effective on those over sixty five. “The pharmacist chuckled when she saw it. “Why, that’s what I have given you right along, every year,” she explained. Thinking of putting her on the spot in a humorous way, I asked, “Well, how did you figure out we were over sixty five?” With a grin, she said, “Well, ah, well…”

Kirk at the pharmacy

Kirk at the pharmacy

“Never mind,” I said. “Everybody knows we are at least sixty five, or at least they did about 20 years ago!” Now that’s not the end of the story. Talk about being there for the customer! She phoned about noon to tell Dale when we should be at the pharmacy to receive the needed shot. Now that was above and beyond the call of duty, I would say!

However, when we arrived at the pharmacy, we were told that Kim had a problem of some kind, and would not be there to give us the shot! So Kirk, one of the other folks in the pharmacy, came out of the office and said, “Now, how would it be if I were the one to take care of you?” OK, with us. That needle doesn’t care who gets the shot or who gives it! With a big smile, he did the job in about five seconds, or so it seemed to me, and we were off to a couple garage sales before visiting our friend Barney and setting off for home. – CHRIS

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