Who You Callin’ a Turkey?

Picture I didn't get of the turkeys

Picture of the turkeys that I didn’t get

September 20 – On our way to town the other day just up the road a bit from our house, I remarked to Dale, “Well shucks! I forgot my camera, and you just wait, I’ll wish I. . .”

Right then, as I looked off to the odd piece of land I keep mowed, I saw a big group of turkeys! “Back up! Go back!” I shouted to Dale. “Turkeys!” I’m not sure I managed to count all of the big birds, as some were slowly walking off into the creek area, but I know there were at least TWENTY! They didn’t seem to know we were watching them as they didn’t hurry out of the picture.

Two days later, as Dale was sitting in front of the living room window, he asked, as he pointed to the neighbor’s pasture, “Are those geese over there?” As I looked out at the birds, and followed their movements, I could tell they were turkeys. “Must be the same families we saw on our way to town,” I suggested. Wonder where they will spend the fall and winter if they escape the hunters.

Rainbow after a recent story

Rainbow after a recent story

Quite a game with the Chiefs on Thursday night. Boy, that Peyton guy is really lucky!  Just a few seconds left in the game.  Even Dale was watching that part of  the game, and he’s not much of a sports guy.

We had a real storm this weekend with so much lightning, I finally turned off the computer just in case. We heard several cracks and then the thunder boomed, all around the house. At least we didn’t lose power this time. – CHRIS

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