A Fat Cat Sat on the Mat

One fat cat

One fat cat

September 17 – Our “Fat Cat” seems to be gaining pounds again. Of course, she never has to “work” for her meals and does sleep most of the day, unless we are outside working. Then she follows us as we move around the yard. She makes only two sounds, well three if you count her very fast footsteps on the kitchen floor. When she wants to go out, she comes to the computer if we are working on it, or stands by our chairs in the living room where we are reading, and asks with a very plaintive, “Mew, mew,” until we grant her request and let her out the door.

First thing in the morning, and often during the day when we do sit down to read or rest, she quickly arrives and rubs our hands, asking for some attention. That being granted, she sends out a happy and satisfied purr. She is quite a strange cat, actually. Several reasons for that statement, dating back, I think, to the months she spent up in the highest part of our barn before we even knew she lived there. At that time our dog was the cherished member of the family, and she was probably afraid to strike up a friendship with us. She must have existed on mice because that’s all she could find.

However, after Dawg was put to sleep, she made herself known, as she jumped out of the barn onto the roof of the shed out in the garden area. Not for a long time did she come up to our back yard to investigate. After a number of weeks, she would allow us to give her a little pat before rushing back to the barn. From then on, bit by bit, she must have decided it would be much nicer to be part of a family, because she stayed out in the garage, rather than going back to the barn.

And this is why...

And this is why…

Her eating habits are strange. She will eat nothing at all, except the “Grillers” cat food, the variety our son David gave us. She is not tempted by milk, butter, or the usual diet pet owners give their cats. In fact, she will not even chase a mouse to add to her diet. I think she had too many of those things out in the barn.

Dale and I had both decided we would not have a “house” cat, one that we would have to clean up after, one that might get into anything she would like to learn about, and might just be a bother. However, when the time came, not very long after her arrival, we both wanted to tell the other that it would be nice to have a house cat after all. No disagreement there, and Fat Cat explored every room in the house, and all of the basement as well.

Since Dale is outside right now, so is Cat. As I think ahead to the snow and cold, I can just see her lying contentedly on her rug in front of the fireplace, dreaming of her good fortune in finding a special home where she can be happy and cozy, rather than living in the cold darkness of the barn.

What would we do without our pets who are always willing to give us the benefit of the doubt, who show their love for us? We feel really blessed to live out here in the country right along with them. – CHRIS

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