Pulling up the Grapes

Grapevines and lawn mowers

Grapevines and lawn mowers

September 14 – It was good to have our son Dave with us yesterday to help with some yard work and reinstalling some of our gutter guards that had blown off. We removed the row of grape vines and posts, and it looks almost like regular lawn now.

Chris is especially pleased about how easy it will be to mow. She says, “I have been trying to think of some older pics I have that I can use to show how the grape vines looked in past years. That area sure does look good now, but it’s a bit hard getting used to the emptiness! I like it that way! Actually, I think Dale is pleased that it is done, too. We talked about it later – nothing at all on the vines this year except some blackish squiggly things which should have been grapes.”

Spent some time today working on the dead yucca plants out front, although it was windy enough that we almost got blown down the bank. Tomorrow we go to Unity Village area, as I have an appointment with a new rheumatologist. Hopefully he will be able to take care of my rheumatoid arthritis meds – if I can find him. The routing to get there sounded a bit complicated. Chris brought up a map on the computer screen and I think we can get there, though we may get lost once or twice. Will have to get a cheap and simple cell phone I suppose! – DALE

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