From My Childhood – a Busted Seat

A crash of sleds

A crash of sleds

September 13 – One winter day we were sliding down the hillside on the new sleds we had gotten for Christmas. At the time of the accident we were playing airplane with one sled balanced crosswise on top of another to make the wings. It was my turn to be the pilot, holding the ropes and steering with the feet, while two kids sat on either end of the wings.

Down the hill we went, but partway down, something happened to the riders on the wings. One slid off, upsetting the whole airplane, sending the other rider rolling off down the hill, and dumping everything on top of me. Somehow I landed on something hard, maybe a rock sticking up out of the snow. Whatever it was, I felt great pain in my seat!

Since then I have heard of a number of accidents like that in which the coccyx is injured, but I didn’t know then what had happened. All I knew was that I was in such pain that I had to have help. The other kids took me into the house where I was given a big soft pillow to sit on. I couldn’t even stand that. I couldn’t sit at all without great pain. This went on for weeks with my trying to sit on a pillow, moving my seat around from place to place, trying just once to feel comfortable. Ma did all she could, but even she couldn’t do anything to remedy this situation.

And now 75 years later, I had better not sit too long in one place, or back comes the pain all over again. I never did go to a doctor for help! – CHRIS

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