Washing, Mowing, and a Great Horned Owl

Washing on the line

Washing on the line

September 11 – Despite the occasional fall or bloody finger, we try to be careful around our acres, and so far seem to have succeeded as we are still able to pick the tomatoes and mow lawns!

Chris was out in the pond area yesterday afternoon; the mower started up fine this time and I don’t know why it wouldn’t a couple of days ago. I had thought of being out there using a hand mower at the edge of the pond, but it was just too warm and humid. Chris also got washing out on the line so it would be dry before the rains came.

Down by the pond for mowing

Down by the pond for mowing

Went to Pleasant Hill Thursday morning and made our usual stops and visits. Was happy to buy gas at $1.99, and at the Thrift store we bought mainly books, at only ten cents each! Stopped at a number of garage sales but had little luck finding bargains that we wanted. So we came home, had breakfast, and got to work.

One of our friends recently lost their dog of eleven years to a great horned owl. The dog was outside in the early morning dark, and our friend and her husband heard it yelp, and silence thereafter. When it got light they drove around looking for their pet and finally found parts of the head and the collar. The poor lady was very sad, but glad that they had found the collar and could keep it as a remembrance, besides knowing that no human had taken the dog.

Son-in-law Harvey told us later about how an owl once grabbed their house cat and ate it. Night before last Chris heard an owl hoot, and then suddenly right in our maple tree above the bird feeder came the loud sound of a great horned owl, followed by a round of wild and maniacal sounds, almost like crazy people making awful sounds to scare us. We don’t know what it was and figured maybe the owl was attacking some animal like a raccoon up there in the tree. Anyway, after several outbursts there was silence.

Lots of logs to chop

Lots of logs to chop

That tree we cut down is all sawed up and the heavier stuff is on the wood pile and all the branches are on one of our burning piles, a big heap now. Just the trunk is left to be sawed into maybe three lengths and I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. Dump it on the burning pile too, I suppose. Chris dragged away the branches and I carted the firewood to the wood pile, and that was that. We measured the tree with a tape measure and it was about 50 ft. tall. I had intended for it to fall to the south but it ended up falling to the north, which was the heavier side. Just before it fell I saw the cut where the saw blade had been, squeeze together and figured it was going to fall in that direction. The stump will probably be in place for years to come, unless somebody wants to come and take it home! – DALE

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