Broken Trees and Broken Legs

The chainsaw

The chainsaw

September 3 – Had a real job this week! Dale has been wanting to cut down the dying tree on which one end of the hammock was tied, and has had trouble time and again with his chain saw. He has taken it back to the repairman several times, and was finally able to use it. Too hard to do at one time, so he made several attempts, and finally it smashed to the ground – on the OPPOSITE side of where it was supposed to! Fortunately I had moved out of the way before it fell, but that was a real surprise. He cut off some of the branches, and I carted them to the burning pile. The bigger ones, cut into pieces, will go on the wood pile.

We stopped in to see on son-in-law Harvey last night after he broke his leg this weekend. He is staying at his folks’ house and will go to see a trauma surgeon at Research. When he told us of the screws that went into his leg, and a lot of other stuff, I had a hard time taking it in. Poor Harvey. He will be down for much too long to his liking. Right now, without the medication, his pain is bad enough that it is his main concern.

Robbie and Grandpa Bob drove the tractors down to Lowell’s farm around Chilhowee (I think), and will spend the rest of the week trying to finish up the haying, etc. Then the calves have to be checked out. They are going to turn the job over to the vet who always helps them out, but this time he will do it himself. Harvey was supposed to teach the SS lesson this week and preach next week. The young guy who goes around the country holding meetings, was scheduled to speak this week. He will preach and do the lesson as well. Then he preaches next week as well. Oh, well, he does a good job and really enjoys it. – CHRIS

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