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Donner and Blitzen

August 19 – Our mandevilla plant is losing its leaves; they are turning yellow then fall off. The plant is also sending out new leaves but the old ones are falling faster than they are being replaced. I wonder if … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Strawberries and Lollypop Lilies

August 19 – When the temperature hits the 90’s, I guess it’s time to forget the jobs that need doing outside, and sit inside and be thankful for the air conditioning. However, that is very hard for me to do! … Continue reading

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The Doctor Will See You Now

August 18 – Sometime ago we found that the doctor who has been checking Dale for neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis would be moving to an office in downtown Kansas City. Our family doctor had just left the area as well, … Continue reading

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Blog Birthday Addendum

August 16 – I promise this will not be a very long blog this time. Just some additional commentary on the anniversary of our blog that was set up by our son David. Poor guy. I think he might have … Continue reading

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Our 1st Blog Birthday

August 14, 2015 – One year ago today we posted our first blog entry, and have put out roughly one a day since. For those of you who’ve joined up since, here’s a reprint of that original post. Thanks for being … Continue reading

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The Week’s Review

August 14 – It’s been a nice Friday, though perhaps  a bit too warm. The house cleaning is mostly done and Chris has the washing out on the line and the dishes are washed and dried and put away. Now … Continue reading

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Bagels please, hold the lox

August 13 – Awhile back I ended up trying something that wasn’t very bright! While thawing out the big freezer down in the basement, I found lots and lots and even more than that of bagels; and many of the … Continue reading

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August 11 – Late last week just after I had put the second load of clothes on the line, I meandered over to the yucca patch near the road because I just had to pull the very tall weeds in … Continue reading

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African Tales – a Baby Black-Backed Jackal

August 10 – One day an African man arrived at our door with a baby black-backed jackal that he wanted to sell to us. My kind parents paid him a few shillings and I had a new pet. We had … Continue reading

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A Salute to Anita

August 8 – One day last month the phone rang just about breakfast time, and as Dale answered, I found myself wondering if the caller’s plan for us might keep me from mowing along the fences where the grass was high, since … Continue reading

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