Water Primrose Falls Under the Weed Category

Dale raking out the "weeds"

Dale raking out the “weeds”

August 30 – Yes, this cooler weather is fine. Even a bit too chilly in the evenings, so we close the doors and windows, and Chris had socks on in bed recently.

We have been out raking the masses of water primrose plants in the pond (or as Chris calls them, “those horrible vines with yellow flowers”), as they are trying to take over. Between them and all the other submerged water plant life out there, it’s a wonder the fish can find room to swim.

When our friends were over to fish last week, every time they pulled in a hook there would be a mass of water weed attached. We sent Clyde all of the pictures from the fishing trip and told him some would be on the blog.

Water primrose

Water primrose

Chris found she couldn’t rake very well, so carefully picked her way along the drier (well, somewhat) edge and pulled them out by hand, leaving the ones farther in the water for me to get with the fork. She almost fell into the pond in one area belonging to the muskrats, but caught her balance and left just a very deep footprint behind for me notice.

I noticed the other day when I checked the bird feeder that a possum had been there in the night, chewing up sunflower seeds. Must have been the one I saw in the garage that I wasn’t able to find. – DALE

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