A shower that didn’t include rain

August 26 – Earlier this month our neighbors Laurie and Janice took me with them to the baby shower at a beautiful place high on a hill called Meadow View. I always enjoy talking with friends, including those who have moved away from this area. It still makes me wonder how time can go by so fast! Seems like just the other day that some of the girls there were in my classes in church or out hiking and working on MV honors.

Three generations

Four generations

Take Shelbi, for instance, the mother of the cute little one, Peyton, with a full head of dark hair and a cute little smile. She and her cousin Megan who will be a nurse one of these days have grown up much too quickly. Grandma Shelli and Great-Grandma Carole, who planned the lovely shower (with tons of food!) were so proud of that cute little baby. I tickled the baby’s foot, and touched her cheek softly while talking to her, but that was far enough for me to become involved! Everybody who knows me well can tell you that I am not too keen on tiny little ones; but once they are old enough to talk and play and enjoy stories and games, that’s when I want to be with kids, and connect with them for the rest of their lives.

Speaking of the shower, Carole told me that her husband Bill would pick me up here at home and take me to Meadow View. After thanking her for her kindness and concern, I turned down the offer because I would drive there myself. Oh, well, you can’t blame folks for being concerned about an 88-year-old whose husband does most of the driving these days. Not that it has to be that way, of course!

baby Peyton Jean

baby Peyton Jean

The night before the shower, our neighbor Janice phoned to ask if I would like to go with her and her daughter Laurie. After making sure there would not be too many other passengers, I thanked her and said I would be ready in the morning. So what happened in the morning? Bill phoned to say he had to take the decorations, etc. to the party location, and then he would drive here to pick me up! I’m not even sure if he was relieved when I turned him down because I already had a ride promised. I just remember that he asked me a couple times, “Are you sure?” Are you really sure?”

One nice part of the shower came when a mom and her daughter came in. “Well, I don’t know them,” I thought, “but they look nice.” When Jackie, one of our friends, saw them, she welcomed them warmly and proceeded to introduce them to the rest of us. Both ladies smiled at each introduction, but when it came to me, “Now, this is Mrs. Fairchild,” the mother said, “Oh, I know all about you! Your son is so proud of you!” Imagine that!

David helps his wife Darlene at Midland Academy in KS, so knows most of the students and their parents. Those nice words were some of the highlights of the afternoon. – CHRIS

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